Bevalyne Kwamboka, a student and roadside chips seller risk been kicked away from her joint by the Kenya Urban Road Authority. (KURA)

Bevalyne went viral on Twitter on Thursday 7th October after what seemed like drama between her and nominated senator Millicent Omanga.

The student had cried out for help from her online friends to help her get an umbrella and apron for her job.

As a result, Millicent Omanga sent her team to deliver her support to the young lady.

As expected of any politician, Millicent rushed to Twitter to boast about having helped the struggling lady saying that she gave her cash and other stuff.

Ms. Kwamboka however rubbished the claims saying that she received an umbrella and potatoes worth ish. 350. See article.

Taking to Twitter the young lady shared details of her location since everyone was inquiring about the same.

However, a Twitter user responded to the post by tagging KURA asking if the activity are legal.
KURA are these activities legal?” the Twitter user asked.

KURA responded by stating that it is very illegal and infringement of pedestrian rights. Adding that the footbridges and walkways are meant for pedestrian passage and not for any form of business. This is illegal and an infringement to pedestrian rights…The footbridges and walkways are meant for pedestrian passage and not any form of business

In response, Bevalyne started that selling chips is her only source of income. And if it’s closed down she would have to store her household items with her friend, defer school and return to the village. Selling chips is the only way I make a living. If it is closed, I would have to store my household items with a friend, defer school and return to the village. She wrore.

She has however sort help to set up a permanent business premise.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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