Thank you for choosing us to promote your brand, products or services on our platforms. Our advertising services are designed to help you attract more clientele. We offer comprehensive packages to increase awareness of your brand, business or campaign across our social media platforms.


  1. Ensure that the business being advertised is Legal and legitimate.
  2. Products and services must match the description provided.
  3. Submit a picture of your ID card 🪪, a selfie 🤳, and a phone number 📞.
  4. Provide a poster 🏙️ or a 60-second video 📼 of your advertisement with an appropriate caption.
  5. Please send the requirements and the payment receipt to BNN MARKET BOT 🤖 on Telegram to schedule 🗓️ your Advertisement.

‼️ Please note that any breach of these terms may result in damages and we reserve the right to publicly inform potential clients of any trust violations.