If you are a Twitter fanatic you are already aware that nominated senator Millicent Omanga is currently top trending.

So, senator, Millicent took to Twitter a few days ago to rejoice in having helped one chips vendor financially and materialistically.

Millicent shared photos as well to prove that she had helped the young lady.

However, her joy was short-lived as the lady Bevalyne Kwamboka made it clear that she did not receive any money.

Taking to Twitter, Bevalyn categorically stated that she did not receive any money. But her team only gave her potatoes worth 350 Kenya Shillings.

For clarification, team @MillicentOmanga only bought waru za 350 came out of the vehicle with 5 umbrellas, took photos returned them and gave out one and two aprons. Hiyo mambo ya cash haikua plus stock ni ya 350. Hizo waru gunia kubwa i had bought and started the day. She wrote.

Millicent offered her response to the allegations saying that she was out of the country. But had dispatched to d her tram to reach out to her.

When it was brought to my attention that Bevalyne Kwamboka had publicly requested for an umbrella to help shield her from rain and sun as she does her chips business I was out of the country but immediately dispatched my team to visit her and offer her the help she needed. She wrote in part.

Omanga said that she was surprised that Kwamboka had rubbished her efforts to help her. Even though initially she had acknowledged it.

See entire thread below:

Kenyans on Twitter have taken sides with the story with some of them not only bashing her but also body shaking her.

See some of the reactions.

Whom do you believe?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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