Viral roadside chips seller Bevalyne Kwamboka has announced that she has gotten help to set up a permanent workplace.

Bevalyne went viral about two weeks ago after nominated Senator Millicent Omanga boasted to have helped her. Only for Bevalyne to clarify that she did not get the sort of help Omanga was boasting about.

Kenyans on Twitter decided to make both of them a trending topic by choosing sides and others bashing the nominated senator. See article.

One Twitter user even went ahead to report the chips seller to Kenya Urban Roads Authority. So KURA made it clear that what Bevalyne was doing was wrong. Since she was occupying space meant for pedestrians and not for selling chips mwitu. See article.


Bev took to Twitter to implore her followers to help her. Because that was her only source of income seeing that she is still a student. And if the job was to be closed down she would have no choice but to return to the village.

However, it’s a moment of celebration for her as she has shared some good news on her Twitter on Friday, October 15, that she will no longer be running her business by the roadside.

The chips seller is beyond herself with joy after an Anonymous well wisher came to her rescue. And got her modern tools for cooking chips, stock, and also paid three months rent for her new premises.

Thank you so much to you all who retweeted and shared my tweets and story to your friends, a anonymous well wisher has offered me a modern tools for chips, stock, and paid 3 months rent for the premises.

Read her tweet

In other news, Bevalyne is always posting pictures of herself beside her job. And Kenyans feel that it is inappropriate may be because of her alluring figure? Here is one of the responses seen under her posts.

Congratulations to her.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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