Legendary clout chasers Mulamwah and his baby mama Carrol Muthoni are back together, months after constantly humiliating each other online.

Netizens have been left dumbfounded after Mulamwah shared pictures and short clips from their recent photoshoot.

This comes days after Mulamwah took to his social media pages to castigate Carrol. He claimed that she cheated on him for a year with some guy.

He went on to reveal that Carrol had been cohabiting with the said guy. While he was battling stress in the village. See article.

Mulamwah had previously informed the public in one of his usual rants that Carrol had aborted her first pregnancy. Because she did not know who the father of the baby was. He also confirmed that she did not know who Keilah’s father was. And had thereby resulted to aborting once more. But it was unsuccessful.

Clout chasers Mulamwah and Carrol

Back together

In the recent developments to their boring clout chasing, the duo linked up for a photoshoot at Karura Forest.

Mulamwah who had publicly denied his daughter, has affirmed that the daughter is theirs. Keilah is not my child. Keilah is our child. He wrote.

In videos that have irked netizens, the two seem excited to be together as if they were not calling each other names the other day.

Netizens are by now tired of their shenanigans and publicity stunts with a lot of people calling them out.

See video

Carrol denies…

Minutes after the video broke the internet, Carrol has denied getting back with Mulamwah.

Taking to her Instagram page, the mother of one has claimed that Mulamwah showed up uninvited to her photo shoot to apologize to her.

To avoid embarrassments and unnecessary altercations, I took a few pics and videos with him. She alleged. Nothing has been solved between me and Mulamwah. My irreducible minimum still stands: he apologize to his daughter, parents and fans. She wrote.

It is seemingly hard to know who between the two is lying.

What are your thoughts on this? Mimi, I just can’t!

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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