Mulamwah didn’t come here to play. Moments after his baby mama Carol announced that they have parted ways, the comedian has introduced his new lover.

In a post seen on his social media platforms, Mulamwa has said ‘to new beginnings’ denoting that this is a new relationship. Accompanied by a photo of him holding his newly found love.

Netizens have been left dumbfounded by the post with most of them expressing their shock and disbelief in the comments section.

Most of his fans have wondered how fast he has moved on. And others still think that Mulamwah and Carol are only taking their fans for a ride. Since nowadays, you need clout for literally anything.
Most celebs do not care if the clout is bad or good. As long as they are being talked about and written about.

Comedian Nasra Yusuf recently took to Instagram to reveal that she broke up with her husband Rashid. And even explained that she was going to file for divorce. See article. So many of her fans thought that she was joking since she’s a comedian. But she went ahead to state that she would never joke about something like that

However, a few weeks down the line and the post has been pulled down from her Instagram page. And been replaced by pictures of her and Rashid.

Dear popular people, we don’t care about your relationships. Stop taking us in circles simply because you want to advertise something and use fake separation as a way of advertising something or pushing your brand. It’s childish, to say the least.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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