The late Tecra Muigai was Keroche Breweries heiress.

She passed on the afternoon of Saturday, May 2nd following a tragic accident at her partner’s house.

Tecra Muigai- death

Tecra’s boyfriend has been charged with her murder following some inconsistent statements that he gave.

The family had requested to be allowed to grieve in peace. Tecra Muigai was the strategy and innovations director at her parents’ company until her passing.

It was reported that Tecra fell from a balcony to her death. The police, however, were insistent that Tecra’s death was not an accident. As a result, Omar Lali (the boyfriend) was arrested on May 4th and detained for twenty-one days. He was later on released by the principal magistrate Allan Temba.


Initially, Omar Lali had said that his lover had fallen in the bathroom. He later changed the story and said that she fell down a flight of stairs. It was his inconsistency that raised a few eyebrows.

Omar, however, denied the allegations. The magistrate argued that the police had visited the scene of the crime three times and Omar had fully cooperated.

Tecra Muigai had been living with her boyfriend in Lamu for about two years until her untimely demise. She maintained a lowlife profile unlike her sister, Anerlisa Muigai.

The ruling

Thean jury Mary ade on Monday, July 13th by the chief magistrate Lamu court, Allan Temba. He gave the police 24 hours to present Lali at a Garsen court to take his plea.

“I allowed the decision by the DPP to be taken to the next stage for murder plea taking…If unable to present him within 24 hours, then he should be given police bond,” Temba said.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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I’m reading and wondering how on earth that poor guy us being charged with murder with no evidence, while Babu Owino is walking freely with a whole CCTV Vedio. Weee?Our country .


I wonder too


How sure are you there is no evidence?


Maybe the Keroche family is after this


Hmmm….and Babu owino still walks freely?


This were my thoughts too as I was reading this. When u have money everything moves fast


Sijaelewa so he was charged or not?

Leaving us hanging smh.


He was charged with Murder. Plea taking is when an accused goes to court and plead to whether he is guilty or not guilty. If he pleads guilty he will be found guilty of murder and he’ll get a sentence. If not, the case will be heard in open court.

Anonymous Coward

Huelewi kizungu were, smh!

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous Coward

mimi pia????