The wedding bells that never jingled…”

By Baba Mboga.

“Here comes the bride?”

Never mind… we never heard the song in this one case

Why? You may ask…

It might be because Ben Pol married someone…

…only that it was under the waters…

Shini ya wamba

But not too deep for our tea pickers to spot…

You probably guessed it right

Anerlisa Mungai,

This is about you too.

For those who don’t know Anerlisa Muigai, let’s begin:

Anerlisa Muigai is an heiress to the well-know Keroche Empire. But according to wagging tongues, she actually has built herself up from scratch despite the fact that she comes from a rich family.

But I can’t explain how I feel about this one Anerlisa,

Maybe this will help…

Back to the story,

Ben Pol is your typical crazily rich Tanzanian Musician. They met and a year later decided to tie the knot in what was believed to be a secret wedding ceremony. Lakini BNN patrol ndio kina nani?

Screenshots upon screenshots rained upon Obare’s inbox and this is what I could put together…

Exhibit A: “The Baker’s Fault?”

It just so happened that the page of the bakery that made the cake for Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol posted images of what in my opinion was a magnificent cake under a post mentioning the clients (Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol in this case).

The initial DM about Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol
It Begins…
Anerlisa and Ben Pol's cake
If heaven was a cake…

The largest piece of the puzzle was found right after this happened…

Exhibit B: “The Photos.”

A quick spoiler will let you know that these photos are gonna seal the deal. The level of paparazzi skill in Edgar Obare’s DMs is just phenomenal.

Ebu jipigie makofi whoever you are… Throat sanitizer kwa bill yangu:

Arnelisa and Ben Pol dancing at their wedding
Stunning photography of Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s wedding

Anelisa Muigai and Ben pol look so beautiful in this picture
I liked this one the best.

There are plenty of more receipts (including videos) in Edgar’s story that I haven’t attached to the post. You can check them out here

Exhibit C: “The accidental flex by Anerlisa Muigai?

So Arnelisa Muigai flexed what in my opinion was a very good hairdo, however, she might have a bit more than she could handle. A video is seen of Anerlisa Muigai showing off her new hairstyle right before remembering her ring finger was in the shot and very quickly moving it away. A move that the tea pickers were almost too quick to notice…

The BNN brigade were too quick to notice Arnelisa Muigai
Na si mko macho… Ghai!

What people thought about the whole Anerlisa Muigai situation…

Alot of people were quick to note that her marriage came up about the time when she’d lost her sister, Tecra Muigai, and was quick to accuse of allegedly “not being sad enough”(I know…. sounds ridiculous from this end too)? Heck, they even pulled Edgar Obare into the whole charade. Ebu oneni hii upuzi:

Blaming Edgar Obare for imaginary accusations?
Ona sasa kama huyu ????????‍♂️
The tribulations on Edgar Obare
Previously on the tribulations of Obare…

Alot of people actually believe that this came up after Tecra’s death with some Netizens riled up and talking about Anerlisa apparently not mourning her sister.

Here’s a beautifully worded response from one of our tea pickers on Anerlisa’s accusers.

A fan with the best input I have heard in a minute
Whoever you are…. can we be friends?

Doing research into this blog really got me thinking of all the nazenz going through other tabloids around us every day. We have your typical outright liars, wengine wa kuiba receipts na picha, also some other extra mama that now has her hair in a bunch apparently (Kaburi pale Chicago?).

Kumbe watu huwa na maneno hivyo huku?

Ebu mnifundishe kunyamazaa…

If you really ask me for my opinion… I just feel like these guys are just two people really in love and don’t need y’all shoving your opinions down their throats. Kwanza the Tecra thing was so uncalled for yaani ????????‍♂️… which really feels ironic now that I just did a whole post about it.

But here’s why I do what I do.

Mimi love doesn’t pay these bills,

Well… except for in this article.

But sasa that my business here is complete, si we talk hapa kando kidogo?

“Tuende nyuma ya tent”

Ebu you guys gimme a damn break…

Yaani it’s only day 3 na nimeshaitwa impostor on Edgar Obare’s story? Yaani after listening to Ben Pol music for an hour straight trying to figure out the title to this blog?

Si let’s just accept that two people might share the name yawa!

Or better yet…

… Why don’t we all pull a Tanasha Donna and sue everyone that shares something we own? (Imagine Edgar out here suing all Obares lol). Ebu someni hio story if you wanna know the definition of petty… You can find it here


Tunaendelea tu kuambiwa “Let’s meet after Corona” na wenzetu wanaoana kukiwa kubaya hivi,

Tell me what you think about this in the comments.

…Or better yet

Here’s my Instagram.

Na nimeenda.

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1 year ago

???? baba mboga si tuonane after corona

2 years ago

Kaburi pale Chicago ????

2 years ago

M a fan already baba Mboga…. The flow is great

2 years ago

Enweiz I have enjoyed this tea ????

2 years ago

Well done Baba Mboga.

Side show: I have no idea why but I have a feeling Anerlisa & Ben will end in tears. Watch their body language around each other especially Anerlisa’s.

Also, Naweza tu kuwa nasumbuliwa na udaku ????????

Keep it coming.

2 years ago

As usual Baba Mboga always delivers

2 years ago

????????????????????????waah l love how you write, am guaranteed of laughter, keep doing you ????????????

2 years ago

Well summarised Tea. Well done ????

2 years ago

???????????????????????????? tea that has passed through havard!!!

2 years ago

???????????????? I looooooovve your art.
We ronn keyaa which baba mboga you are. The facr remains you are talented.

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