Former media personality Jacque Maribe has announced that she is taking a break after embarrassing herself yesterday.

So Jacque had recently called out her baby daddy Eric Omondi claiming that he is an irresponsible father. And has never been there for his kid. See article.

The two engaged in an online fight with Eric demanding a DNA test. Since whatever happened between them was a one night stand and there was no way she would have gotten pregnant. See article.

Netizens took to social media to offer their unsolicited opinions on the same. And the most notable one was Bonfire Adventures owners the Kabu’s.

The two urged Eric and Jacque to meet and sort their issues privately and amicably.

Jacque drunk

As a result, the estranged parents met on Thursday, 4th November, to talk things out. But what shocked netizens was a video of a sloppy drunk Jacque who was all over Eric cozily.

Simon Kabu is seeing trying to advise them but I’m not sure they heard a thing as they were all over each other, touching and caressing. With Eric calling her baby and babe.

Jacque is barely able to maintain an upright sitting position and her words were either an inaudible whisper or very slurred. She swings her body from time to time and looks at Eric adorably throughout the video.


Netizens were ashamed of her behalf and many were shocked and wondered why she would show up to such an important meeting drunk. Others argued that the two men might have gotten her drunk so that they would fulfill their agenda. Others even thought that it was wise for her to go home to avoid another one night stand.

It’s not clear why that had to happen. Eric posted an apology on his Instagram page which he deleted almost instantly. It read we apologize for our very inappropriate, immature, and irresponsible outburst. We will solve our issues amicably and privately.

Jacque posted the video saying that the two are happy to be working things out. But later deleted it.

Time off- Jacque

On Friday, through her Instagram page, Jacque has announced that she’s taking time off posting a blank black post.

Time out. Time to leave alone. Time to get me time and be happy.

She wrote.

It’s not clear if her decision has been fueled by her behavior yesterday or the reaction of her fans. See video

What are your thoughts on the same?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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