You probably didn’t see all these coming? Did you? One thing has led to another. And now comedian Eric Omondi is demanding a DNA test for his son with Jacque Maribe. I’m not surprised seeing that recently deadbeat fathers such as Kabi wa Jesus and Prof Hamo also demanded DNA tests in order to support their offspring.

On Monday, the comedian left netizens dumbfounded when he announced that he and little-known singer Miss P were expectant. The two were obviously doing so for clout and to create hype for the singer’s upcoming song.

However, the post didn’t go as expected as Eric’s baby mama Jacque Maribe went gun blazing in the comments section to call out Omondi for being a dead beat dad. See article.

YouTuber Eve Mungai linked up with Eric Omondi and inquired about the allegations. They even went ahead and called Jacque who had no time sanitizing the comedian.

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Jacque demanded Eric tell his fans what bills he has paid for his son, but he had no answer. And as if that was not enough Eric has no idea where his son lives with his mother. The single mother then went ahead to share a picture of her son accompanied by a long caption of how much she loves him. And lowkey indicating that Eric never helps her. She post below

I need a DNA test!

On Tuesday, 2nd October, Eric took to Instagram to reveal little-known details of his relationship with Maribe. And how they even got a son together.

The comedian disclosed that he and his estranged baby momma met in 2012 when he was working at Kiss TV and she as Radio Jambo.

So one random night after drinking one too many for the road, they had a nightstand. And they used protection.
According to Eric, Jacque was at the time dating Sam Ogina who was working at KTN then.

Two months later Jacque calls Eric and breaks the news of her pregnancy. Like any other Kenyan man, Eric insists that it’s not his since they used protection. But the pregnant lass tells him that it doesn’t matter. Because a mother always knows who the father of her baby is.

Lemme take you back a little. Last year Jacque jotted down a very emotional post about how she got her son after a series of miscarriages.

Well, Eric has claimed that during the entire pregnancy nothing happened between them and they also barely saw each other. But Jacque called him after birth asking if he would like to be part of the child’s life to which he asked for a DNA test. So that according to him- he could be comfortable being in the baby’s life.
Apparently, Jacque got offended. And who wouldn’t be especially if you are certain who the father is? She refused to partake in the DNA shenanigans.

So Eric has categorically stated that after being introduced to the son, going on family vacations, and visiting him at school- he want s a DN. So that he can be fully present and supportive as a father. See post

What are your thoughts on the same?
By Wanjiru Mbaru

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