Former comedian Eric Omondi seems to be ready to do anything just to remain relevant. Since his comedy career evidently died.

In his recent stunts, Eric has shared pictures that have left his fans not only shocked but also dumbfounded.

So the comedian has shared a half-naked photo of himself and upcoming female artist Miss P insinuating that they are expectant.

The two have been spotted hanging out together. And even flying to various cities within the country together.

Omondi has claimed to have met the beautiful las about five months ago and their pants went down.

I met this beautiful woman five months ago at an event I was hosting. Whatever happened happened and I promised her I would take every responsibility. Since children are a blessing from God.

he wrote.

While his fans flocked the comments section to congratulate him, others noted that the two are working on a project and this was just a way of letting the fans anticipate.

Deadbeat father

However, the comment that has attracted the most attention was that of Eric’s baby mama- Jacque Maribe!

So the former Citizen TV presenter has a seven-year-old son with Eric Omondi.

Apparently, Eric has been nothing about a deadbeat father this whole time. He first acknowledged the son three years ago when Jacque was involved in a murder case. And Kenyans had been showing solidarity with their favorite presenter by posting her pictures. That is when Eric shared a pic of the son looking at a picture of Jacque confirming the rumors.

So Jacque has been left wondering how Eric will be able to take care of the newborn if he has not been able to feed their son for seven years.

Responsibility? Wondered Maribr as she tagged her sister to come to laugh. @catewamaribe come I can’t speak. Seven years of responsibility? She burst out laughing sarcastically by adding a couple of laughing emojis.

What are your thoughts on Eric’s stunts and him being a deadbeat dad?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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