By Wanjiru Mbaru

So Diamond’s ex and baby mama Tanasha Donna threatens this blogger Edgar Obare. Asks him to get his lawyers ready offering no explanation.

Edgar Obare is no new stranger to controversy though… You can check out one of his blogs here.

By this time we’re all used to Tanasha Donna’s drama which runs all the way from here to Timbuktu. She is an attention seeker, sorry to say. The mother of one certainly enjoys being in the limelight and being in everyone’s mouth. The singer who’s radio presenting career died just like her relationship with the Bongo star-Diamond Platinumz is always up to some mischief.

Tanasha Donna Ungrateful?

Just the other day one of Tanasha Donna’s (or should I say, her only) loyal fan was caught ranting and crying a river for not receiving recognition from Tanasha Donna. Somebarry pass him some tissue. The toxic feminist as he refers to himself, has supported the single mother for as long as the internet knows when. His are always the first comments to pop up on Tanasha Donna’s posts. Comments full of genuine fan love and support. If we all caught feelings everytime our comments went unnoticed by our idols, I’d probably be dead by now. Because the way I flood comments on my favorite artists is such a shame.

Chokuu, as he refers to himself, expected some acknowledgments from the Sawa hitmaker which he didn’t get. He, therefore, went ahead to vent on an Instagram post by Tanasha Donna sounding very bitter and heartbroken. Poor boy.

Chokuu calling out Tanasha donna for not reciprocating her energy
Premium tears 101

I wonder if Tanasha Donna replied to the comment.

Tanasha Donna- I will sue you

No sooner had Tanasha Donna released her new single-Sawa than Edgar Obare shared it on his Instagram stories. We all know he is the most influential person on Instagram right now, don’t argue with me. Edgar Obare sharing the song meant thousands of people would watch it too just because he is the one who shared it and not really because they are Tanasha’s fans. Hard to swallow, yeah?

Asante ya punda ni mateke- lemme try translate that- the gratitude of a donkey is kicks. I’m not trying to say Tanasha Donna is a donkey but she gave Edgar some kicks. Out of nowhere the 24-year old woman, sent a threatening message asking the teamaster to get his lawyers ready.

Tanasha donna threatens to sue Edgar Obare.
the threatening message

Soon, huh!

As usual, Edgar Obare shared the conversion with his numerous fans and they were all disgusted. Some of them having had to watch her song felt the need to unwatch. Is there such a word?

Fans quick to defend Edgar Obare.
More fans coming to Edgar Obare's defence.
some Tanasha Donna fans even unfollowed her
source @edgarobare Instagram stories

See more reactions here

We later found out she was doing that to hype her interview with Jalangoo. Such a daft move if you ask me. In the interview, she is seen talking about how she will sue bloggers and put them in their place. What is their place? She goes ahead to praise herself as a single mother explaining that her ex-boyfriend pays no bills to raise her/their son. So she needs no money from her baby daddy.

Because Tanasha Donna is a public figure, I feel like there is a need for her to carry on without caring what bloggers say or not say. One fan actually asked if she intends to sue all bloggers that have her name in their keyboards.

This fan had an mouthful to say on the Tanasha Donna story.

Clearly, she even misuses the word ‘soon’. The other day she talked of going live soon, only to disappoint fans. Well, has Edgar been sued yet, or shall it be soon? Let us not forget she really had failed to pay an uber driver $3 but he must have been paid sooner after he posted it on Facebook.

Big head…

Recently, Diamond Platinumz mother has had to explain to fans why she referred to Naseeb Junior( Tanasha Donna’s son) as ‘big head’. It was really just an inside joke but most people didn’t gerrit. In an Instagram post by Diamond’s sister, Esma Platinumz, she says that she misses the boy. Diamond’s mother leaves a comment in caplocks KICHWA KIKUBWA. See below.

View this post on Instagram

I miss you Tom Kaka ??

A post shared by Esma khan (@_esmaplatnumz) on

In the comment section, furious fans demanded to know why Mama Dangote was being insultive but she explained that that is just how Diamond was being referred to as a baby. She also explained that she has gotten used to referring to the child as big head and bloggers should have nothing to worry about.

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