DNG girlfriend Fionah James explains why they broke up.


I covered this story a few weeks back where DNG was being exposed by Toto ray for getting involved with her and leaking her nudes.

He did not respond to the allegations directly and seemed to be gloating over the newfound infamy. He shared on his Instagram by saying:

DNG responds
DNG responds to fans
DNG responds to fans

“Now days, the stories You hear about yourself will make you wonder if someone else is using Your body in another location. Nimepata hii meme nimeona ina-apply sana. ???? Kujeni tuongee… Mnaonaje wadau? Naskia kuna mtu ananung’unika sana. Anadai aje? Marudio ama? Kutafuta kiki ama? Ngori ???? Ni rumour gani imekunice sana kwa hiyo stori? Nitolee Pa-Pas-Purse-Paspeh, pppp #Paxpektif Yako ya io voice over. ????#HideMyIdentity,” 

DNG denies Toto ray allegations
DNG denies Toto ray allegations

In all this we all looked to the girlfriend Fionah James, checking her social media to see how she was reacting to the news and the question we were all wondering is whether she was going to stay with the man. DNG has been exposed many times over the years he even has memes about how he slides into every girl’s DM on Instagram. 

DNG slides meme
DNG slides meme
Dem wako ameiva
Dem wako ameiva

A few of her followers noticed she was deleting pictures with DNG off her page and provided receipts. 

It seemed they were done, Fionah even did an ask me anything and confirmed that they were broken up.

Fionah ask me anything
Fionah James ask me a question
Fionah James ask me a question

But you know what they say “maneno ya watu wawili wanalala kitanda moja wachana nayo”.

Barely a week later we see a video of Fionah James attending the birthday of DNG’s mom. 

Fionah James attends birthday
Fionah James attends birthday

After that they seemed to have gotten closer than ever, as we see videos of DNG doing his girlfriends hair, them in a car going on road trips. 

But then something changed, on 16th June a fan sent me a DM on instagram saying Fionah was back to posting motivational quotes. 

I posted it on my stories curious as to what had happened this time, she seemed to be going through something. Fionah reached out to a mutual friend to ask her that she talk to me to take down the post as she was getting a lot of attention. I was surprised at this point as if she doesn’t want to be talked about why is she posting to social media about it. I took down the posts as our mutual friend convinced me when they shared with me what Fionah had been going through in that relationship and I was shook. 

It all made sense and I couldn’t believe she had been going through this. So I want to share with you an audio from Fionah James talking about her experiences at the hands of her abuser, I hope this story will inspire other women to get out of such situations. You are worth so much more, and put men on notice who do this its not okay. 

I took my time with this story as I wanted to be able to talk with Fionah James and also Gave her a chance to tell her family, this is not something you want them to find out on the internet. I hope she finds healing and peace, this was very brave of you and an inspiration to all women in Kenya and beyond. 

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Can we cancel this guy already…..

Hide my ID

What the hell.. He is such an asshole





Hide my identity ????

The brother, much as he’s a player just like most males but with greater opportunities, sounds traumatised by his ex wife too. Having multiple partners is addictive. He might need counselling to sort this out


Waaaa…..i thought @totoray was chasing clout but kumbe there was some truth to it……..aki edgar all that glitters is not gold????


Whaaaat??? She has been through alot with him


The guy is crazy,most probably bi_polar or something


Well scripted