DNG exposed for sliding in the DMs too much.

Who doesn’t love a DM from a verified account? We all do. That blue verification tick will make you believe that a celebrity or someone important is interested in you. Because celebs only follow their fellow celebrity friends, getting their DM means they have chosen you out of a million other IG peasants and they think you’re cute and interesting. But how exactly do they choose whom to DM? If you’re keen you’ll ask yourself ‘why me?’

One of our very famous celebrity artist is well known for his dubious behavior of sliding in every girl’s DM including minors. How desperate could one possibly be? Various girls shared the artist’s DMs with the tea master himself- Edgar Obare. But one that stood out was this particular girl who felt the need to expose the celebrity for what seemed to be a failed affair. The celebrity in question is none other than the self proclaimed waziri wa sherehe, DNG.

Insta hunnies..

The whole saga came to light when one insta hunny Totoray complained that his teaness refused to help her expose DNG. The girl apparently claimed that DNG shared her nudes on telegram after their breakup. So she had been having an overflow of guys requesting to sleep with her at a fee.

The poor thing went ahead to rant on her Instagram page, sharing the whole ordeal of how they met on Instagram and how quick things escalated from the DM to bedroom. In the video (which you can view on Edgarobare’s Instagram) the girl is heard opening up. She claims that she needs justice because she suffered cyberbullying.

Are you for real..?

Below is the video which is actually a voice-over making it so hard for anyone to actually believe the girl. Upon being asked why she did a voice-over, she explained that she doesn’t like it when people see her cry. Premium tears, huh.

She goes ahead to add that DNG is supposedly gay, something we can not be too sure or even comment on yet. When the ranting failed, she approached some bloggers who didn’t give a hoot about her heartbreak. Instead, they chose not to expose DNG in the name of ‘he’s my good friend’.

As always, Edgar shared the whole story on his Instagram stories so that the fans could have a say and surprisingly they were not surprised. Some went ahead to call Totoray a dramatic attention seeker and a desperate girl. While others sympathized with her, feeling sorry for her for what had happened. Others shared screenshots of the DMs they get from the thirsty celebrity. (So It’s definitely true he’s always sliding in every girls DM). A good number of fans strongly felt that such was a normal thing that happens day in day out.

what a fan had to say

Tit for tat is a fair game

On his end in an attempt to retaliate, making the scenario worse than it already was, as they say ‘kutilia chumvi kwenye kidonda’, DNG was busy sharing nude photos and nasty videos of the girl all over telegram. A fan, who is an admin in one telegram channel and who claimed to be his close friend disclosed this information. She shared screenshots of their conversation where DNG is seeing talking in the most vulgar language possible.

He’s seen asking that the nudes be posted. It is for that reason Totoray had been receiving traffic of men interested in a hook up.

DNG responds

However, DNG who has a girlfriend, in a deleted Instagram post that we had before he deleted, acted self-righteous. As if completely unaware of what was happening making fun of it and regarding to it as mere rumors.

source-dng’s Instagram

Maybe if girls weren’t too gullible they would not fall prey or feel like princesses when they get a DM from a celebrity. Because clearly, the guys aren’t after anything serious, call it hit and run as seen in Totorays story. We hope she gets the justice she feels she deserve. And hopefully DNG will go a little slow on the DM sliding.

Catch part 2 of this story in the next post, where we find out if DNG girlfriend Fionah James stuck by her man or left.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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Black Russian????????
Black Russian????????
4 years ago

Wewe si ulienda kutombwa… Na ukakubali kuchukia videos… ONLY A STUPID MORON would pose naked for a vid or picture… You deserved what you got… Deal with it bila kelele… ????????????????

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