Retired and insignificant socialite Vera Sidika is currently the talk of the town after it was discovered that her Airbnb was infested with cockroaches.

Speaking exclusively to Edgar Obare, a source claimed to have booked her overly advertised Airbnb.

However, whatever was advertised was not what they got.

Because the house was quite untidy with random roaches roaming all over the house, on sofas, floor, and the wall.

The source added that the house was so stuffy yet there was no air freshener. It was also full of water on the floor. And despite their efforts to reach out to her, nothing was done.

The source claimed that after texting Vera to highlight their plight, the mother of one blue ticked them and cared not to offer an explanation or a solution.

Sadly for them, they had to leave before their stay was over. And even warned others because that house was nothing close to what she portrays.

The sofa in the airbnb

Roaches in VSSPA

Another source reached out to the tea master and disclosed that even her salon was infested with roaches.

Kuna mende everywhere in her salon, it is so sad! Lamented the source, adding “my friend and I started going there in March. We regretted when we started seeing roaches allover.


In her defense, Vera claimed that people are only spreading lies. Because their hate is not working anymore.

Half birthday

News of Vera’s roach-infested spa and airbnb came at a time when she recently celebrated her daughter’s half birthday. The former socialite celebrate her baby’s birthday but also launched a business for her.

Vera launched her daughter’s first business dubbed ‘Asia Brown Babycare’ – a line that will be dealing with hair care and skincare products for babies.

“Asia’s Half Birthday Princess Asia Brown. Asia is Also launching her First Business today Asia Brown Baby care,” Vera Sidika wrote.

Have you encountered roaches in another office?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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