Airbnbs have slowly bloomed and become a norm nowadays. They are mostly preferred by married men (wababa) who feel the need to revive their youthfulness away from nightclubs. Sometimes, young people who feel like they have more than enough money to throw away, have moved their party lives to bnbs where there is more freedom and privacy to engage in usherati.

Anyone who has used Airbnb is familiar with the rules and regulations section that clearly state out what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable by the host.

To help provide hosts and guests with peace of mind, security measures like security cameras and noise monitoring devices are allowed, as long as they are clearly disclosed in the listing description and don’t infringe on another person’s privacy. 

Hidden cameras in Airbnbs may not have been part of the agreement between hosts and visitors. But they still are feeding a growing sense of consumer paranoia over surveillance.

Cameras have been found in fake smoke detectors over a bed. In another case, an Airbnb guest allegedly placed a camera inside his host’s bathroom disguised as a cellphone charger.

In Texas, a host of an Airbnb was been charged for allegedly spying on guests having sex and taking more than 2,000 videos and photos.

Image: Airbnb

Netizens thoughts

Recently, a bigwig twitter user began the topic of hidden cameras. And boy did netizens have a lot to share.

A fan said that only when guests stop stealing from the bnbs will the cameras stop being installed.

The day guests stop stealing remotes, towels, sheets, hanging portraits, pillow covers and, literally, anything that is not bolted to the floor or wall, will also be the day that these hidden cameras will come down.

A lot of netizens argued that having cameras at the bnbs is wrong. Because one might just have decided to take some time off and there you are recording them. Or they could just be cheating on their partner.

Director responds

Clients have raised concerns that the cameras interferes with their privacy. Morris Aron, the Director Property and Discounts firm said that it is a standard rule, cameras are not allowed in any private area within a furnished unit. Cameras are restricted to common areas such as the entrance and are there strictly for security reasons. He said.

He added that hosts who have cameras mounted in any private space within a furnished unit do not represent investors of good faith in the business. Because the Airbnb owner has access to all information required about the client.

Concern about Airbnb cameras, which has widely reflected in social media posts, may be out of proportion to their actual use. But they starkly symbolize the loss of privacy that many people feel as security technology proliferates.

There are already millions of cameras on public buildings, on streetlights, in cabs and on front porches, and stumbling across one in a rented kitchen is the last thing anyone wants.

What are your thoughts on hidden cameras in Airbnbs?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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