By Baba Mboga

Look what the cat dragged in. Vera Sidika just might have space for more Ls this year. I really don’t know about your quarantine, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going that bad… well at least not like Vera’s.

The social media personality has rocked our phone screens and tabloids for all the wrong reasons in the recent past. However this time, she might’ve done it with a twist…

Something we definitely did not see coming…

Well unless you believe in Telegram’s fixed match channels or good luck rings. All the way from Omoshola’s place, Vera brings to you…


Magical Kitty Syrup…

Ok, that came out wrong.

Let me explain…

According to Vera Sidika’s post, the cream when used by women on their lady bits will get a man to stay and wait… it gets better… Get him to buy you free sh*t. And I quote Vera Sidika on this;

“Anyways I cannot wait because OmosholLa’s place has an amazing sale and is offering discounts… Like ladies if you want to get that house, if you wanna get him to the bank, you gotta use this product.”

She even goes ahead to give her favorite variations of the same products. As expected this did not go well with most of her fans who… well.. flooded Edgar Obare’s inbox. A move that probably went waaay awry from what Omosholla’s marketing team might’ve had in mind. Mainly owing to the fact Kenyans are extra sharp and tend spot out liars and scammers. Funny enough, this has not been in the case in Nigeria. I took the time to check the Instagram account owned by one 23 year old Deborah Erioluwapo Ajayi. It’s really blowing up at the moment with well over 400k followers with majority of her traffic composed of women especially from her country. Omosholla’s place also sells other products like bath sponges with really specific instructions that kinda give me the chills. Y’all need to see this…

Other alleged witchcraft products sold by Omosholla's place.
Gunia tumetumia… Lakini bird’s nest tena?

A lot of Vera Sidika’s followers were on her case mainly because they believed that she was trying to con gullible Kenyans (sometimes we should just sit back and let natural selection run its course). We’re all about receipts though, so here you go…

Vera Sidika's fans calling her out for contributing to her brand deterioration
“Online hawker slapped mighty hard here”

I was honestly waiting to see someone lay the truth in Edgar’s DMs and one of y’all came through with probably the best reply to this story. Don’t throw random Nigerian concoctions on your lady bits. Am I the only one with trust issues after the infamous prince emailed me for my bank account info?

Secret to keeping a man is not in witchcraft
If you’re reading this… Kudos.

A visibly irritated Vera Sidika ran off to Instagram live to kinda try and brush it off, whilst taunting Edgar Obare and inviting him out. She reffered to her own fans as “peasants” but the response by fans was swift and just as brutal.

Fans taunt Otile brown on Vera sidika live
If you know you know…

Heck… even Carolinedxb hopped on the bandwagon (read her story here). Ain’t nobody taking Obare from “le waifu”(Don’t quote me on that)… Netizens even got her throwing shade at Vera (Which I absolutely loved by the way).

“all that showing off you like to do and all that cucumber sucking you like to do. How much have you done during this pandemic to help the people who put you in the position you are today…. stop calling people that i care about peasants.”

Carolinedxb calling out vera sidika for calling her fans peasants.

There has recently been a spike in the use of socialites in marketing spiritual charms in Nigeria with some popular celebrities like Bob Risky making the list. However, if you were still on the fence on the whole kitty juice thing take it from these people…. it will not end well for you. Here’s just one of the many people scammed in what appears to be a growing pile of victims:

proof that the witchcraft vera sidika is marketing doesn't work at all
Anyone need proof?

Anyhu… I guess this story has a happy ending for everyone… Well apart from the person that always resorts to juju. I really feel like I’m in a Nigerian movie right now.

Riddle me this though Vera Sidika… If your kitty juice really worked… why is my next post probably going to be about you going broke?

Wacha niende…. but not before ending this like the Naija movie that it’s been.


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2 years ago

I love reading your article.The way you are narrating

3 years ago

you are creative mr.

3 years ago

Such a beautiful piece and a funny one.

3 years ago

Exquisite piece. You’re one illustrious writer????

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