This week netizens have experienced an online war between former socialite cum gynecologist Huddah Monroe and Instagram user Murugi Munyi.

The war came after Murugi took to her Instagram stories to issue a review of Huddah Cosmetics’ parcel that was sent to her.

While opening the package Murugi claimed that the packaging appeared more like a success card and not a product package. ‘It is giving success cards!’ said Murugi.

Upon opening the package Murugi went on to say that the products appeared the same. Since there was no description of any product. Adding that there was no list of I graduated used to make the products. ‘This is a red flag!’ yelled Murugi. She however promised to use the products which she had not opened for two weeks. And said she would be back with a better review.

Huddah responds

Huddah upon hearing the mean remarks made by Murugi flipped and began hurling insults at her. Huddah accused Murugi of being a hater and enemy of progress. She argued that it was very bad of the mother of three to issue a review of producers she had not tried even.

Just because I chose to send you products doesn’t mean you should accept them or you are special. Wrote an agitated Huddah. We are just using your image as a prop to fill our IG. added Huddah.

Huddah went on a ranting spree reminding influencers that she makes millions influencing her own products.

The entrepreneur went on to bash Murugi attacking her body and calling her ugly. The same way you attack my business is the same way I will insult you. Go get a life. No physical surgery can help your stinking mental attitude. Wrote Huddah.

Huddah went on to wish Murugi bad luck: “Everyone who tried to bring me down, is fallen on their career and is nowhere to be seen! Only God will say CUT not YALL! Keep hating!” she posted.

Muugi responded:

“Not everyone who gives honest feedback is a hater or is trying to bring you down. And not everyone who you don’t like is going to fail. Life is not a Nigerian movie and you don’t hold the key to anyone’s destiny.”

Netizens were left with an option to take either side with a lot of them siding with Murugi. While a good number argued that Huddah had every right to go off as she did.

Whose side are you on?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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