If you are a follower of Nurse Judy alias Mom Teiyan on Instagram, you may have noticed how much she dislikes Murugi Munyi. She throws subtle hints using mocking posts to attack the yummy mummy.

A lot have transpired between the two involving their marriages. And here’s a summary of the drama involving married woman Murugi Munyi, her husband Zach, and Nurse Judy.

Murugi cheating on her hubby

Murugi Munyi’s husband was reportedly cheating on her with his work colleague last year August. The reporter however did not have receipts to back their claims.

A fan however reached out to tea master, Edgar Obare, confirming that Murugi was cheating on her husband Zach with SportPesa boss Kevin Twissa. While Zach cheated on her with Nurse Judy.

So a friend of Judy took screenshots of Judy and Zach’s conversation and sent them to Murugi. In the chats, Zach is seen explaining to Judy that Murugi had been cheating on him when she was lactating.

The man she cheating with had disclosed to her that he had a lactation fantasy and Murugi was gracious enough to send him pics of her sprinkling breast milk on her face.

Zach had also disclosed that Murugi had been cheating on him with her other baby daddy. A shocked Judy is seen empathizing with Zach feeling utterly sorry for him.

Zach however divulged that he was not in the least moved. Because the first time she cheated on me, I knew things would never be the same. And she was capable of doing it again. So I focused on being a great dad and that’s what I have focused on. He said.

He went on to add that it’s not normal how fucked up Murugi is. But it helps him cope better because he knows she is headed for disaster. I will just be sipping on some whiskey as I watch her crumble into oblivion. I will destroy her. He wrote.

Zach and Murugi

When Judy’s friend sent the screenshots to Murugi, Zach informed her that he had reported the case to the DCI.

When Edgar posted the story on his fast-growing telegram channel, Murugi responded using a video by former comedian Ronoh. Some of the things you are doing are illegal madam (read Edgar)! Ronoh says in the video. You can be locked up for life!

Zach and Nurse Judy

Judy on the other hand posted a long ass caption explaining her side of the story. She admitted to having made mistakes in the past. But she was not going to sit back and wallow herself in self-hatred.

I have done so many mistakes that I deeply REGRET BUT I WILL NOT CHOOSE TO STAY DOWN THERE NIKISKIA VIBAYA NA KUJIHURUMIA,CZ WHATS DUSTING MYSELF OFF ,PICKING THYSELF THRU THE SHAME ,HEAD HIGH AND MOVING ON LIKE IT NEVER HAPPENED🥰After all we are all human,we all make mistakes only that yours never made it to the media

She wrote in part.

Murugi, later on, went to Radio Jambo to cry that the stories Edgar posts about her marriage affect her marriage a lot making it look like he posts lies.

In screenshots that were received during Murugi’s 5th marriage anniversary, in regards to Zach’s sexual affair with Judy, the two were seen to have been having a good thing going on.

Judy is seen sharing a screenshot of Murugi’s Instagram stories with Zach. Murugi had shared pictures of Smirnoff Vodka bottles and noted that her husband had got her the booze. Judy was shocked as to why Zach would want to celebrate finding out that his wife was cheating.

In response, Zach disclosed that he go the booze freely from his employer. Adding that it helped to work things out. I‘m not a saint and we both know it. So I don’t want to destroy my kids’ life out of pride and end up being a bitter man. He said.

Nurse Judy

Judy who did not expect Zach to work things out with her rival opted to quit the games. Zach did not expect the turn of things but he said that he understood.

That was a quick exit but I understand and I will be here for you mentally physically and emotionally. I love you and as I said I always will. He confessed.

Further into the conversation, Zach was seen complaining about working from home. Because half the time he was just chasing the kids around. He then went ahead to remind Judy how much he missed her sexy body.

I’m sitting on the throne about to masturbate before shower thinking about your cute butt dimples. And that amazing completion that flows through your bang curves. He wrote.

Judy opens up

Edgar Obare reached out to Nurse Judy for a comment on the same
And she was more than willing to share.

Judy narrated how she had a beautiful marriage until the devil came in. Her husband cheated on her twice but she forgave him. A few months later, she met Zach and their friendship quickly blossomed into an affair. They both were dealing with similar issues in their marriages and chewing each other was their way out.

However, she unsuccessfully tried to break up with Zach but their bond was too strong. When they eventually broke up for good, she went to her friend’s place to rant and drank herself silly.
Her friend took pictures of Judy’s conversation with Zach and sent them to yummy mummy.


In retaliation, Murugi looked for Judy’s husband on Instagram and asked for his number. She got the number and began texting the husband asking him to leave Judy.

Dennis, you deserve better. I hope you are not going to take all the disrespect! Murugi would tell Judy’s husband. Judy added that Murugi would constantly text her husband wanting to know what decision he had arrived at.

Judy disclosed that her husband subjected her to so much emotional abuse due to the scandal and Joan getting in the way. As a result, Judy passionately dislikes Murugi and even refers to her as a witch.
As if that was not enough, when Michele Ntalami broke up with Makena Njeri, remember she added that Makena was cheating on her with a healthcare worker? See story here.

Judy’s husband had concluded that it was her in question and the issue brought up a fight between them. Judy narrated how her marriage went down the drain. And the constant messages from Murugi.

As of now Murugi is still happily married and she celebrated five years anniversary a few weeks ago. Judy on the other hand is healing and flourishing her career. Do not let Instagram marriages influence you!

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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