Retired socialite Huddah Monroe is currently the talk of the town after turning into a physician cum gynecologist.

The damsel who is ever ready to say and do just about anything for relevance has been trending for the last few days. This was after she began selling the infamous vagina tightening sticks.

According to her, the magic sticks make the vagina smaller, tighter, and fragrant. She claims it works mysteriously and leads to men being hooked to the woman, read vagina.

One of her fans recently called her out, after she shared a series of supposed reviews from women who have used the stick. Stop lying! We know you are texting yourself using your pseudo accounts! Read the comment. Huddah however, refuted the claims calling the attacker broke as all celebs do.

Meet Dr. Huddah

In her recent Instagram posts, Huddah has been seeing claiming to have what it takes to cure Cervical Cancer, STIs, fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes as well as men’s sexual health issues. A move that has caused an online uproar with various netizens wondering at what point did the retired hooker graduate to a doctor.

Huddah has also claimed to have certified herbs that are miraculously healing the aforementioned conditions. As well as male fertility tea which boosts stamina, increases sperm count, heals erectile dysfunction and stops premature ejaculation.

Apparently, Huddah was issuing the tea and herbs for free which clearly means she is doing a pilot study of the products. She noted that the herbs had run out of stock and she would be relying on the reviews to restock and decide on price.

Kenyans on Twitter have expressed their sincere concern about Huddah’s shenanigans as the last time they checked she was not a doctor.

Huddah is joined by our dearest Shakilla who retired from shaking ass online to marketing bizarre sexual-related products.

Do you think Hudda’s products are legit and would you try them?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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