Just when we were about to forget her mere existence, Huddah Monroe is willing to say just about anything to remain relevant.

The retired socialite took to Instagram to share how her ex-boyfriend was a pathological liar.

“My ex used to tell little lies that even when he is sick I wouldn’t believe it. I have to see him in ER with a hospital gown to believe it. He could die to inform of me and I would think he is playing because I need evidence, bro,”

Huddah said

Huddah went on to say that once you lie it becomes so hard for anyone to ever believe you again. If you lie to me once, even if it’s a joke, everything else you say after that is a lie. You might have to bring me a cow to believe that I’m eating beef. She narrated.

In a shocking revelation, Huddah claimed that she would never leave a man for cheating. But she would dump him like it’s hot if he is a liar.

I’m not your mother. I won’t beat you up. We are adults. Keep it 100 per cent, especially black men lie for no reason at all,” wrote Monroe.⁣

The thirty-four-year-old went on to argue that dating a black man is such an extreme sport.

She claimed to have dated men from different nationalities, but dating a black man is like going into a maze. Its too much hard work, you can easily go mental. She cried adding that the reason is their mothers.

She went on to advice women raising sons to do better for the sake of the next generation of black men.

Would you dump your partner if they are cheaters?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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