Popular gospel singer Mr. Seed has been exposed for allegedly impregnating a lady and denying it.

I’m only hoping for grace to pull off this article. Because the kind of English the lady used seemed unfamiliar.

So just the other day, comedian Professor Hamo was exposed by fellow comedian Jemutai of being a deadbeat. We are barely over this story yet then this!

A lady, Swabrina, on Monday reached out to blogger Edgar Obare. Because she needed advice or help and low key to expose Mr. Seed.

Hi, I want you soon to help. Because I have big stress.

Wrote the lady

Edgar upon asking her what’s up, the lady responded that she is heavily pregnant with Mr. Seed’s seed. And he knows about it but he is denying and it is stressing her out.

In a series of voice notes sent exclusively to BNN, Swabrina explains how she met Seed through social media. And how one thing led to bed and a pregnancy was the product of their labor.

Initially, the lady tells, Mr. Seed did not deny the pregnancy. But he hit her up later and sent money which was meant for abortion. Four thousand bob to get the abortion pills. The lady took the pills but her life was at risk because she lost so much blood.

Upon informing Seed about it, he went ahead to blame the doctor responsible for prescribing drugs. And even squeaked ‘what do you want me to do? Because that is the doctor’s problem, not mine!’

He even asks her if she’s sure she has not given her pot of honey to another guy and implores her to be honest. But the lady categorically makes it clear that she has not had sex with anyone else since meeting him.

Should I also inform y’all that Mr. Seed was borrowing airtime from the lady? You are now informed.

Fast forward after so much back and forth, the lady reaches out to Nimo, Seed’s wife. And informs her that she is gonna be a stepmom. Nimo hurriedly blocks the lady.

Swabrina explains that the only thing she wants is for Seed to accept the pregnancy and take care of it. Because he doesn’t send clinic money or even respond to her messages and calls. He in fact asked the lady to take some more pils!!

Swabrina goes ahead to explain in detail how they meet at Mashmwana’s house. And usually, that’s where the intercourse takes place. She explains that she already told Seed that she would go public with the story if he does not step up. But he begged her not to do so as he is willing to do what was expected of him.

So Mr. Seed went ahead to threaten the lady that they would meet in court. Because clearly according to him, Swabrina was showing no respect to him and his family. This move prompted her to reach out to Seed’s wife Nimo once again.

They agree to meet up, the three of them. Swabrina tells the whole story and Mr. Seed nearly hits her claiming that she is lying but Nimo controls him.

Eventually, Nimo tells the lady to back off and stop bothering her. And she should do whatever she wants to.

In conclusion, assuming I have summarized her grammar more legibly, the lady is super stressed. Because Mr. Seed in an attempt to distance himself from the drama went and reported the lady to the police. Saying that the lady is threatening him and even faking documents with a doctor. Like really Seed? Also, the baby and the mother are in perfect shape and condition.

Listen to these voice notes for clarity. Tap here.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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