Did you know that comedian Professor Hamo is Jemutai’s baby daddy? Well, now you know.

On Friday, comedian Jemutai reached out to blogger Edgar Obare in an attempt to seek help. Because she is really struggling financially. And she was looking for a buyer for her massive Facebook account. See the article.

No sooner had Jemutai shared her predicament than news of her deadbeat baby daddy came knocking.

She had already mentioned that she is a single mother of two.

Turns out that a fan who is also Jemutai’s close friend had previously confessed to Edgar that he/she knows who the baby daddy is. And would like to call him out.

Hi, I would like to call out Jemutai’s baby daddy comedian Prof Hamo. Because I am so disappointed in him.

Read the message in part

The person whose identity remains unknown as is the tradition at BNN went ahead to narrate how he/she has known both of them since 2015.

Edgar, like anyone else was taken aback by the revelation. So he asked if there were more details.

The sender gave a well detailed description of Jemutai and Prof Hamo’s relationship. So the two had been dating since 2015 and Jemutai got pregnant in 2016. Things went in a downward spiral from there.

Hamo revealed to her that he was already married and wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy. So Jemutai carried on alone. Because of the pregnancy, she left Churchill show to focus and also to protect their images.

She moved to a single room where she had practically nothing. But a good Samaritan of a neighbor always came through for her. Jemutai tells that story herself in an Instagram post.

The fan went ahead to tell of how Jemutai gave birth through C-section but had no money. So she called Hamo who adamantly refused to offer her any help.

The narrator explained that later on the two lovebirds rekindled their relationship and Jemutai went to live with Hamo in Kitengela, who apparently has another family living in Nakuru. And so in 2019 they sired another child.

The two later parted ways in 2020 due to reasons, she has explained in detail. Hamo has never played any part in the upbringing of his children. Jemutai has been having a rough time including having her house locked due to rent arrears.

Edgar Obare reached out to Jemutai who confirmed that professor Hamo is her babies daddy. And he does not support the kids at all.

Jemutai in a series of voice notes have given a detailed and vivid description of the whole story confirming that the fan was not lying. Listen below.

We are yet to hear Hamo’s side of the story.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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