By Baba Mboga

Writing this title almost feels like those “Try not to laugh” challenges on Youtube. And I obviously failed at it…but anyways, Ebu tuanze hii story.

We’ve always counted on Vera Sidika to deliver MORE than humanly expected (in some areas more than some…)

But girl,

You done outdid yourself.

From changing the black to the rack and back to probably being the first person you think about when “Suzanna” plays… Vera Sidika has been on the internet and some (if not all) local gossip blogs for as long as P-Unit’s career.

But from the Omosholla incident to reports of her going broke, it’s just been a tough year for our dear Veronica.

And the hits just keep coming.

Oh…and in case you didn’t know, she’s been trending on a global scale…

Just for all the wrong reasons.

Also, I need to also quit it with the long intros. Let’s get to it…

Here’s what happened…

So Nairobi Gossip Club recently went on IG to announce that Vera rejected a Tory Lanez live request. For those who don’t know who that is… He is an RnB singer that has gained alot of media attention over the past few months over what is believed to be the largest instalive host after starting “Quarantine Radio.” It’s basically in the name… Girls from all the world compete against each other in a twerkoff for a grand prize (Which I heard could go as high as $25k in some cases). A ton of international celebrities (Drake, Chris Brown, Tinashe, Not you Vera Sidika) have graced the live with cameos before Instagram actually went ahead to take the live feature away from Tory.

Now that you’re all caught up, let me explain how Miss Mung’asia (Btw that’s the name Vera Sidika tries to hide alot) fits in all this and basically put all her Ls (so far) in the bunch that is this post.

So, Tory Lanez was busy on his live Tory Lanezing are usual and he’d just hit 200k views on Quarantine Radio. He went to announce that he’d lost his request box and that anyone willing to participate should send peach emojis in the comments. Tory would then send them a request to shake what their mama (or doctor) gave them for the whole world to see.

Vera Sidika, not willing to miss out on the opportunity to make a statement, sent peach emojis in the comments. I mean… it was just a little comment… What’s the worst that could happen?

With the buns to match and a verified tick to her name, it was hella easy for Vera Sidika to get picked out from the myriad of comments on the live. She had two options, and she probably went with the worst one in my opinion (By the way,honorable mention to that pair of Kenyan girls that murdered our reputeshen on Tory’s live… hatujawasahau bado)

Vera Sidika went ahead to screenshot his invite and post it on her Instagram under the caption “y’all know I ain’t about that life tho.”

Vera Sidika "rejects" Tory Lanez on Instagram
You sure bout that sis?

..and she would’ve gotten away with it, had our tea picking Netizens not called her out on her BS in Edgar’s inbox. Y’all know we’re all about receipts in here. So take a look.

Witness protection calling out Vera Sidika on her BS

Edgar then did what Edgar does and you guys did not disappoint. Y’all came through with the screenshots and whole video (I’d really hate to think about the initial motive for recording the twerking lakini kudos).

More receipts placing Vera Sidika at the "scene of the crime"
Fig 5.5: Screenshot paparazzi giving NIS a run for their money

Vera Sidika Broke?

This poorly calculated move would go on to give her more than she bargained for, with a fan stating that a source close to Vera revealing that she had gone broke and lost her house with some really convincing evidence.

Vera sidika is Broke?
Hii ndio DJs huita “Turntableism?”

I mean with her not “working” according to witness protection pale kwa Edgar, she’s basically losing a lot of fans, dignity and get this…

Her light complexion…

Vitu kwa ground are different for Vera Sidika
OMUFERA… Dat you?

Don’t believe it?… That’s probably something you have to see for yourself.

Vera Sidika with George at Naivasha
Ongeeni vizuri niwatafutie Joji

Lakini who’s playing Jumanji on our girl’s career? She was again spotted at Naivasha with this modoz called George. (may your phone camera be immensely blessed) who took selfies of them together. Apparently George owns a club Vee used to make appearances at.

Big shoutout to our tea picker in the DMs because I know I wouldn’t get that for a fact. Mngeskia tu nimesema ni exposure to the elements. Mnakumbuka what happens to Ferrous (Vera’s in this case) materials zikiachwa in open air? Kwanza in Mombasa?


Apparently our Mulem bae has been on some IV administered meds called glutathione. It assists in suppressing the enzyme that produces melanin. In simple terms it maintains your light complexion evenly throughout the body, (sii hii mambo ya magoti na sura kuwa race mbili tofauti). But the thing is that for it to work, it has to be administered regularly on monthly intervals. Miss them and factory settings will come knocking right on your door. With most cosmetic clinics closed, Vera Sidika decided to survive, adapt and hopefully overcome. From reposting old pics…

Vera Sidika at Burj Khalifa
New pic?
Vera sidika ....still at Burj Khalifa
I think the Duck not (Its never duck by the way)

…to switching to new meds (that haven’t helped in my opinion)

Vera Sidika gets called out.... again

…and literally dunking her face in foundation…

Vera Sidika out here looking like count Dracula lol.
Nani alipiga vera uso na unga?

… Vera Sidika has given bloggers more than just a run for their money…

I think we should ease up on Vera Sidika kidogo though (Hata kama tuliitwa peasants). Being a socialite in these tough times isn’t easy. Blac Chyna has been under the eye of scrutiny after selling facetime calls and instagram followbacks on her site.

Blac chyna follow back for $250
Nyonga fest… Ayie?

But anyways… Irriz waririz. Wacha tupambane na hali zetu… (and please…If you’re going to steal BNN screenshots for your blog posts, at least crop the damn username off the photo…)

Jiheshimu nanii

Mmesema Ferrous Sidika is not going to be a thing?
Oh… ok.


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