TikTok comedian Cashmeer Robba seemingly acknowledged a romantic connection with controversial businessman Jimal Rohosafi.

The comedienne took to social media to share a message that hinted at a deeper involvement, as she referred to the Huduma Credit founder as “my Jimal.” While not explicitly confirming the nature of their relationship, Cashmeer’s words suggest a protective and supportive stance towards Jamal, threatening to sue whomever badmouthed him.

“By the way juu I make you guys laugh once in a while munaona nikiwa rohosafi sana (you presume am kind-hearted). I will start suing anybody talking bad about my Jimal.

She stated.
Jimal Rohosafi

Cashmeer Robba, turned Rohosafi, also defended Jimal’s practice of having multiple marriages, emphasizing that Muslim men are allowed to marry up to four wives.

“Jimal Rohosafi ni muislamu (he is muslim) and can marry two to four wives. Wa tatu nitamtafutia. ( I will find him a third wife.)”

The comedian expressed.

Jimal Rohosafi’s Relationship History

Jimal Rohosafi was previously married to Amira, and they have two sons together. They legally divorced in 2021, a separation marked by Jimal’s highly publicized involvement with socialite Amber Ray. And this led to physical and online conflict between Amira and Amber Ray.

Jimal Rohosafi with Amber Ray (L) and Jimal Rohosafi with Amira (R)

Following the divorce, Jimal Rohosafi entered a new relationship with Michelle Wang’ari Thiong’o, an employee at Huduma Credit. And the couple welcomed a daughter. Unsurprisingly, during Jimal’s relationship with Wangari, Teamaster Edgar Obare shared a video BNN Premium showcasing Jimal in close quarters with Instagram model, Anita Kyalo, who was his employee. The video captured instances of Jimal intermittently kissing Anita, who was actively filming the scene.

Jimal Rohosafi with Wangari Thiong’o (L) and Anita Kyalo (R)

Cashmeer Rohosafi Reacts to Skeptic Fans

Understandably, a fan of Cashmeer reacted to her relationship with Jimal Rohosafi by expressing skepticism.

Cashmeer Robba turned Rohosafi

The netizen implied that Cashmeer is in for heartbreak, saying that the relationship with Jimal would end in tears. However, Cashmeer Rohosafi in a quick response stated that she was in the relationship to stay.

“It is like you do not know me. But honestly, hapa sibanduki, (am here to stay.)”

Cashmeer Rohosafi responded.

On the other hand, Jimal Rohosafi is yet to speak on the relationship with Cashmeer Rohosafi. How long will the new relationship last? Only time will tell.

By Vivian K.

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