Jimal Rohosafi’s two wives Amber Ray and Amira have decided to engage in an online catfight.

The two have proven that two wives can not coexist peacefully.

The two beauties have taken turns to hurl insults to each other online. And even revealing a few secrets here and there.

Jimal’s first wife Amira had in a radio interview claimed that she only got to know she has a cowife through social media.

Amber on the other hand claims that she has known Jimal for quite a long even when he was a single parent.

So at the time, Jimal’s first wife was in Dubai hustling or whatever. But Amber has disclosed that she was there to shake her behind. Because at the time, Jimal was as broke as a church mouse.

And as if that’s not enough, Amber claims that the first wife returned empty-handed. Not bearing even a spoon!

The first wife who is a self-proclaimed ambassador of positivity has on various occasions claimed that her cowife has no brains. And only boasts for having a big behind. But Amber is ready to show us who among them has no brains.

So the president of second wives have also claimed that she always has to be the bigger person. Because Amira is always threatening to take poison and offer it to her kids. Amber has also added that Amira is an attention seeker. And is always seeking for divorce.

The mother of one has also added that the first wife is a really toxic person. Since when Amber recently borrowed their husband his range rover, Amira sent her a message that she is the first wife. And that Amber should stay in her lane.

Honestly, netizens do not really care about who is right and who isn’t. They are just interested in the gossip. And looks like the two women have a lot in store for us. And Amira has responded to claims that she went to Dubai to rombosa,

As the drama keeps on unfolding keep in mind that the two women were once friends or rumored to be friends. But Amber claims that Amira was her fan.

In an attempt to defend herself, Amber has said that she has never killed anyone. And as a matter of fact Amira should thank her for helping her husband settle. He had previously said that he used to spend 50k on random women. So clearly she is not the problem.

At the time if this publication, Jimal is yet to utter a word on the whole ordeal.

As we wait for the next episode of the Real Housewives of Syokimau, what’s your take on this drama?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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3 years ago


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