Amira has once again made it clear that she is as single as a pringle.

This was after she was dragged into Jamal and Amber Ray’s shenanigans.

So Amber and his lover Jamal were spotted together even though they have been fooling their fans that they broke up.

And fans were left wondering if they should be expecting another season of their drama.

Amira was quick to distance herself from the mischief stating that she is very single.

Her declaration has come three weeks after she revealed that she was going to file for divorce.

Things happened so fast because the other day, Jimal surprised Amira with a brand new iPhone 13. And the next minute he was wishing his side chick Amber a happy birthday.

Amira was clearly offended because she categorically stated that that was the last time she was going to let Jamal disrespect her. See article.

Taking to Instagram Amira wrote that this was the last time she was addressing the issue.

I’m addressing this for the very last time. Stop associating me with Jamal. Adding that they are no longer together. I’m not his wife, he is not my husband. I’m not his problem, he’s no longer my problem.

Fellow bloggers, stop dragging Amira into every issue you see out there.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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