Unknown gunmen in two vehicles shot at a man 36 times in broad daylight, in Mihang’o, Utawala on Friday afternoon. The man died on the spot.

Police revealed that the man’s name was Kevin Odhiambo and that the event occurred at 1pm and left his female companion frightened and uninjured.

The police explained that he and an unidentified woman had been lured there before the shooting happened. Police recovered 36 spent cartridges, one live ammunition and five bullet heads.

“The gunmen went close to the eyewitness and took away his phone which was found a few meters from the body of the deceased, having been smashed. The unknown lady was taken away by the suspects before the two vehicles sped off,” police said.

During the incident, an eye witness told officers from Kayole police station that he saw two motor vehicles stop and shoot at the deceased who was accompanied by a woman before leaving at high speed. He said he lay down with his hands raised up holding his mobile phone in surrender. But the gun men went up to him and grabbed his phone and smashed it and left with the woman who was in the companying the deceased. The phone was later recovered next to the body of the deceased.

Kevin Odhiambo (right) and his brother Alfred Odhiambo. Kevin was shot dead while his brother Alfred was abducted and is yet to be traced.

Officers from Kayole police station responded to the scene and recovered 27- 5.56mm spent cartridges, two live bullets, 9mm spent cartridges, five bullet heads and a crashed wrist watch cover which have been stored as exhibits at the station.

Brother abducted

Mystery surrounding the shooting of Kevin Odhiambo deepened following revelation yesterday that the gunmen drove away with a woman who was in company of the deceased. And abandoned the woman in Fedha Estate before she found her way back to Utawala. They later raided his brother’s residence and abducted him.

After the shooting, they went to the residence of deceased’s brother where they were captured on a CCTV torturing and harassing Odhiambo. One of the gunmen was heard asking him where he had put the gun. Watch video here.

The victim’s body was taken to City Mortuary as investigations continue. 

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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