Tiktok star Brian Chira, 23, was laid to rest on Tuesday, March 26  in Gathanje, Ingitei village, Githunguri in Kiambu County.

Thousands of mourners gathered to bid farewell as his casket was lowered into the ground, filling the air with somber tears. Mumias MP Peter Salasya was also in attendance.

Brian Chira, known for his vibrant presence on TikTok, tragically died in a hit-and-run accident. Witnesses recalled the harrowing incident where a speeding lorry struck and ran him over on March 16, in the 4AM incident.

His friend Zeleck Momanyi recounted, “Alipigwa akaenda distance then gari ikamfuata mbele ikampita juu,”

Brian Chira

Brian Chira’s Grandma Pays him Glowing Tribute

At the funeral, family and friends paid tribute to Chira, while fans who could not attend shared emotional messages online.

Among the voices that spoke, none was more poignant than that of Chira’s grandmother, Esther Njeri. She has raised Brian Chira since his mother died when he was eight.

Brian Chira standing next to his mother Sophia’s casket in 2008

In her heartfelt eulogy, Njeri painted a vivid picture of Chira as a supportive and loving grandson, recounting fond memories of their time together.

“Brian Chira was my first grandson, born by my first daughter. He has been my best friend since childhood. He has been providing for us and has been obedient as always. He took care of his cousins.”

She reminisced, her words tinged with both sorrow and pride.
Brian Chira’s grandmother Esther Njeri

Njeri spoke of Chira’s unwavering commitment to his family, noting his sacrifices and selflessness from a young age.

“He could wash and clean the house,” she shared.

She revealed that the TikToker’s star was to build a big modern house for his family.

Njeri said, “I wish he knew how he was in society, Brian is a star. His goal was to see the family settle in a big modern house and have a compound of their own,”

Brian Chira’s dream could happen as his funeral contributions surpassed Sh7.3 million in 3 days. With King Roso covering the bill, contributors suggested using extra money to build his grandmother a new house

Chira’s unexpected passing left a profound void in their lives, a sentiment echoed by his grandmother’s heartfelt words.

“Brian has left a big void in our lives, he always asked me to love him the way he was and I loved him. My grandson, I loved you since you came into our lives.”

Chira’s grandmother stated

As the sun set on the day of his burial, Esther Njeri bid her beloved grandson a final farewell, her words echoing the collective grief of all present. “I will surely miss you. Say hi to your mom Sophia and Alice May you find peace,”

And as the ceremony drew to a close, musician Otile Brown took to the stage to honor Chira with a rendition of his favorite song, ‘One Call.’

TikToker Nyako Mourns Brian Chira

During Brian Chira’s birthday, German-based TikToker Nyako went live on TikTok to pay tribute to Chira. Clad in a black suit, Nyako lit a candle and released balloons in memory of Chira.

Despite the challenges he faced, Brian Chira’s resilience and strength shone through, leaving an indelible mark on those who knew him.

Brian Chira may have departed this world, but his legacy of love, sacrifice, and resilience will live on in the hearts of those who were touched by his light.

By Vivian K.

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