Wellwishers from around the world have raised more than Ksh5 million for the funeral of TikTok star Brian Chira. This impressive sum was collected in just 48 hours, showing the tremendous support he had from people all over.

Baba Talisha, who is among those organizing the fundraiser, shared a screenshot revealing that the contributions had surpassed the Ksh5 million mark in just 48 hours.

Baba Talisha

Some netizens proposed that the funds collected be directed towards building Brian Chira’s grandmother a house, thus honoring Brian Chira’s dream of building his grandmother a house posthumously.

This idea became popular after TikToker King Roso offered to pay for Chira’s Sh850,000 funeral, set for the 26th. Roso also suggested using any extra money to make a better house for Chira’s grandmother, who raised him after his parents passed away when he was young.

Another heartwarming gesture came from someone who promised to help Brian’s cousin with school fees. Brian had been supporting his cousin’s education before he died.

Brian Chira’s Death

TikToker Brian Chira Wambui died on Saturday, March 16 after he was struck by a speeding lorry around 4 AM while intoxicated. The incident occurred in the Gacharage area on the Ndenderu-Ruaka Road in Kiambu County

On the fateful day, Brian Chira was being taken home by his friend Zeleck Momanyi Alfonso on a motorbike.

Kiambaa subcounty OCPD Pius Mwathi detailed the accident events. He said, “It happened that they were coming from Ciero Resort at the Gacharage area near Total Petrol Station where Zeleck Momanyi Alfonso had passed while on his way to his house and found Brian Chira being taken out of the resort by security guards claiming he was drunk and causing chaos and the resort was closing.”

As per the police report, “Upon reaching Gacharage roundabout, Brian Chira requested Momanyi and the motorcycle rider namely Abdul Charo via phone to take him to his house. They then passed the service lane towards Ruaka but headed towards Ndenderu on the wrong side. Upon reaching the location of the accident, Brian alighted and ran to the main road.”

Tragically, Chira was struck by a white canter which did not stop, resulting in his untimely death.

Chira’s body was taken to the City Mortuary and later moved to KU mortuary.

By Vivian K.

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