Baba Talisha recently revealed the results of the autopsy in Brian Chira‘s death. The timely announcement comes in the wake of numerous theories by TikTokers regarding the TikTok star’s death, the most popular including that Chira was shot to death.

“Hello, guys, I’m here to clear the air on Brian Chira’s postmortem results and the ongoing chaos. It is very unfortunate people are dragging this story so much. This document is given to the immediate family member. We had to wait for this form for the results to be certified. People have even made this content,”

Baba Talisha stated.
Baba Talisha

Brian Chira’s Cause of Death

Baba Talisha shared that Brian Chira died as a result of multiple organ failure and traumatic head injury sustained in a traffic road accident.

“These are the results: multiple organ injuries. And the other report indicates blunt force to the head, meaning it was a road accident. It was a traffic road accident.” he added.

Furthermore, Brian Chira, who tragically passed away on March 16 after allegedly being struck by a white Canter lorry in a 4 AM accident, suffered from “ruptured lungs, kidneys, and heart.”

Brian Chira

Baba Talisha shared the autopsy results to stop the wild theories and especially to those who claimed that Brian Chira died being shot in the head.

The father of one further asked TikTokers to refrain from spreading untrue information and dragging the story of Chira’s death for views, noting it was unkind to his family.

“Kindly stop spreading false information, it is so sad, especially for the family. TikTokers stop dragging the story so much.”

Baba Talisha urged.

By Vivian K.

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