TikToker Nyakwar Janeko, the woman who had warned Brian Chira to stop drinking excessively or else it would claim his life, has opened up about the hardships she has faced since her warning came to pass.

Nyakwar Janeko

Earlier, while on a TikTok live session, Nyakwar Janeko issued a heartfelt warning to Brian Chira, stating, “We are going on a road trip, I will come to your village. I will dress well, and ride a good car. Coming on a road trip, I am coming to bury you soon if you do not reduce your alcohol intake. Because you do not value yourself.”

While some perceived Nyakwar Janeko’s statement to Brian Chira as concern for her friend’s well-being, others saw her as the prophet of doom, especially after Brian Chira died in a hit and run accident on March 16, 2024.

SInce Chira died, Nyakwar Janeko found herself facing a barrage of insults and trolling from social media users. In a vulnerable moment, a heartbroken Janeko sayed, “My inbox is full of insults after Chira’s death. It’s not easy for me. Help me, God.”

Screengrab /Nyakwar Janeko TikTok

Nyakwar Janeko Tearful at Brian Chira’s Memorial

On Sunday, March 24, Nyakwar Janeko attended Brian Chira’s memorial service at Rainbow Resort in Ruiru. She tearfully, addressed the hundreds of mourners, revealing the depth of her emotions and the pain she has endured since Chira’s passing.

Brian Chira

“Mmenitroll sana. Mmenitukana Guys, nimepitia sana through matusi and threats ( I have been through a lot of trolls, insults and threats.). And one person even threatened to burn my eyes with acid.”

However, Nyakwar Janeko revealed the close bond she shared with Brian Chira, describing him as her best friend with whom she enjoyed playing games. She expressed her forgiveness towards those who had trolled and insulted her,

“Lakini ile kitu mnafaa kujua, ni Chira alikuwa beshte wangu wa kucheza game. Ilikuwa ni ‘Nyakwar fungua tucheze niko broke’. Mngejua vile huyu kijana alikuwa beshte yangu hamngenitukana. Nimewasamehe,”

Nyakwar Janeko said tearfully.

This loosely translates to, ” But what you should know is that Chira was my best friend to play games with. It was like ‘Nyakwar, open up, let’s play, I’m broke. If you had known how close this guy was as my best friend, you wouldn’t have insulted me. I have forgiven you.”

By Vivian K.

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