The scandal involving Anne Njeri Njoroge and the controversial Sh17 million diesel import unfolds. And the nation keeps trying to grapple with ownership and distribution complexities of the consignment. The matter seems far from over.

Anne Njeri Njoroge allegedly imported 100,000 metric tons of diesel into Kenya from Turkey. The import has a value of Sh17 million, and she has an Israeli partner. Njeri with over 33 years experience owns Ann’s Import and Export Enterprises Limited.

“The oil was loaded in Turkey Jedda port and all the ports she passed it shows she paid insurance.”

Cliff Ombeta said.

Due to lack of licensing, Njeri sought a buyer for the oil. But High Court Judge Magare Kizito halted the offloading process by Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) and Kenya Pipeline.

Cliff Ombeta and Ann Njeri

Anne Njeri Disappears

The DCI summoned Anne Njeri to record a statement. She promptly availed herself at DCI headquarters on Thursday, November 9. However, she went silent.

“She is now missing for two days. She is unreachable and untraceable,”.

Ombeta said on Saturday.

Njeri resurfaced five days later on Tuesday, November 14. This was at Nyayo estate in Nairobi. Her lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, confirmed her safety. But, he disclosed disturbing details about her detention.

“This is inhumane. You cannot detain someone shackled for four days. It was at a house where she had trouble taking bathroom breaks”.

The lawyer stated.

Ownership Disputes

Subsequently, Njeri sought legal guidance on the matter from Justice Ann Ong’injo. Amid claims and counterclaims, Kenya Port Authority(KPA) disowned Njeri as the owner of the fuel. KPA cited inconsistencies in the ship’s manifest and ownership documents. Galana Energies, contracted by Ramco, asserted ownership over the consignment.

“Galana said that the oil products belong to them and they are the qualified importers through Ramco who had instructed them, Galana being an agent for international oil companies,”.

Cliff Ombeta stated.

In a counterclaim, Njeri and her legal team filed a petition. Her prayers involve KPA, Kenya Pipeline, KRA, Ramco, and Galana. She demands the bodies to deposit Ksh 17 billion in an interest-earning account during the case’s hearing. This is to prevent any alleged siphoning of the fuel until the case concludes.


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