Socialite and business lady Zari Hassan and two of her children finally landed in Tanzania. There had been rumors and speculation that she was jetting in the country to reunite the kids with their dad, Diamond Platnumz. See the story here.

The trio was received by a multitude of reporters from the country each trying so hard to interview Zari. Diamond was the airport too waiting to receive his bundle of joy.

However, Zari was gracious enough to answer all their questions.

The mother of five admitted that she didn’t expect the reception.

Upon being asked for how long she intends to be in Tanzania and where she will be staying, the business lady said that she might be staying in a hotel. But even if she stays at Diamonds place it is still fine because that is home for the kids.

Whether I stay with him or at the hotel it’s okay. Even if I stay with him at home, it doesn’t mean anything will happen. I’m just here to bring the kids to visit him. Said Zari.

Zari also claimed that most Africans do not know how to co-parent. And added that Diamond missed the kids the most.

The kids miss him but it was mostly him. I mean, he hasn’t seen them for two years.

Bongo Star Diamond Platnumz couldn’t hide his excitement either as he received his offsprings.

The children are already having a very good time with their dad.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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