Controversial singer Willy Paul finally released a statement in regards to sexual harassment allegations against him by upcoming rapper Diana B.

On Thursday, Bahati’s wife Diana Marua tool to Youtube to disclose that Willy Paul had attempted to rape her a few years ago. See article.

In response, Willy released a video that has since been deleted. So in the video, the Lamba Nyonyo hit-maker asks Diana to tell her husband the truth. And stop lying using his name.

Willy accused Diana of lying and beating around the bush as well as trying to hide her shame. Ambia bwana yako ukweli. Tell people the truth… Stop beating around the bush. Why are you lying using my name?… Sit your husband down tell him exactly what happened… This is not fair… He said in part.

Willy went ahead to say that the whole thing is plotted. Because he released an album and they are trying to divert his fans’ attention. Do I look like a rapist? You are even telling girls to come out, come out to do what? Asked an agitated Willy. See video

The singer also disclosed that he and Marua met on Instagram. And that Diana gave him her number and they met the very same day. Tell your husband you slept at my house and what exactly happened.

Official statement

Earlier today Pozze, as he is popularly known, released an official statement in regards to the whole incident.

In the statement, Willy has expressed his utmost shock and disbelief by the defamatory allegations made by Diana whom he terms as a longtime friend.

The singer has gone ahead to narrate how he struggled as a child and how his mother held him down. He has also disclosed that his musical career was boosted by a woman, Gloria Muliro. And for that reason, he would never disrespect women or sexually assault a woman. The women in my life have always been my greatest inspiration. Some have given me children whom I treasure more than anything. I can not and never will defile a woman sexually.

Willy has maintained that the allegations were baseless and orchestrated to win public sympathy. And Bahati is using his wife to fight his feuds with Willy.

The singer also made it clear that he shall go to court to get justice for the defamation claims.

Whom do you believe? Willy or Dee?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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