Upcoming singer Diana B has accused controversial singer Willy Paul of attempting to rape him.

In a video seen on her rapidly growing YouTube channel, Diana B has emotionally narrated how Willy nearly raped her.

So Diana says that back in the day when she lived in Syokimau, Willy used to eye her. And one time when they bumped into each other at a movie shop, Willy decided to shoot his shot.

Willy asked Diana if he could follow her to her house to which she declined. So he asked her to get into his car and hear what he had to say.

Upon getting into his car, Willy locked the door and drove off at a lightning speed without explaining where they were headed to. Along the way, Diana demanded to know where they were headed to. But the dude did not answer her.

They finally stopped at some apartments and Willy asked her to follow him upstairs. But she declined.

The attempt

Diana explains that at that point, Willy got mad grabbed her by the neck as he got on top of her. He tried to pull down her skirt and in the process tore it. She struggled to scream asking him to stop harassing her. But Willy was having none of it.

I remember this day like it was yesterday, I can still feel the shivers in my body. He came on top of me and started pulling my skirt up and tearing my top as well…I’m trying to tell him to leave me alone, he was choking me so I could not scream… She said amid tears.

Eventually, when she was able to free herself, she unlocked the car’s door and fled off. Diana was crying uncontrollably throughout the story. And also revealed that it took her three years to share the story with her husband Bahati.

The mother of two also disclosed that other women have reached out to her opening up on similar stories about Willy harassing women.


Diana said that she has reported the case and the issue will be legally sorted out.

So for those that are unaware, Diana B and Willy Paul have been beefing since the riveting beauty ventured into the music industry. Her songs have been doing way much better in terms of views as compared to Pozze whose videos are struggling to get half a million likes. See article.

As a result, Willy wrote and released a song dissing Bahati and Diana- the song has since been pulled from his YouTube channel. However, in the song, he had mentioned that he slept with Diana. So Diana was reacting to the song.

Willy Paul is yet to respond to the allegations as of the time of publishing this article. Do you believe Diana?

See video.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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11 months ago

When did it happen? Was it reported immediately it happened?

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