The newest rapper in town Diana B is already fighting with artists who have been in the industry longer than her.

Controversial artist Willy Paul had expressed his views in regards to Diana turning to an artist.

Laughing uncontrollably, Willy said he could only advise Diana that the journey is not easy. And she should pray vehemently maybe God would listen to her.

Pozze went ahead to apologize to anyone who had to listen to Diana’s debut single. Claiming that it must have been traumatic and hurtful. And that his new album would heal them.

Tired of listening to bad music from that family? The family of manduru na ma off-keys?? I know most of you are still traumatized coz of that ka incident.

Don’t worry I got you covered and ready to help. Go listen to #theafricanexperiencealbum on @boomplaymusicke now, thank me later. Once again I’m sorry you had to go through all that, my album will heal you, boasted Willy.

He’s just jealous

Speaking at Kiss 100 radio station earlier today, Diana argued that Willy Paul is only hating on her because she’s ahead of him.

Diana B explained to Jalas and Kamene that she is doing far much better than Willy. Despite joining the industry three days ago.

I have released a song and it already has 1 million views in just 3 days. This guy has been in the industry for so long. Yet I just joined music 3 days ago. I just feel he is hating because I am ahead of him and he has been doing this for years

See video below

In response, Willy started that Diana only got views because her husband bought them. In an already deleted Instagram post, Pozze told Diana B that they are not on the same level.

And maybe she should pick fights with artists such as Willy’s new signee Queen P.

Diana unajua mambo yetu. Please be very careful on what you say about me.Just because bwana yako ametoa shilingi tatu akakununukia views kama yeye, hatutoshani. Na hatutawaitoshana. Wewe pigana na Queen P, lets leave it at that. You carry on with your comedy and let me push my album. He wrote.

Whom do you think is a ‘bigger’ artist between the two?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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