Do you know what they say when someone tells you ‘I’ll let you know ‘ in regards to a question? Just carry on with your life. Because this is a person that will not let you know. And has no plans to.
Muhoho High School students pulled that on their principal when they went on a peaceful strike on the 5th of November.

The boys school which the best performing school in Gatundu South is making headlines on social media platforms. Because, unlike other schools that have resulted in burning their dorms and classes as well as destroying school property, Muhoho Boys did the exact opposite.

Reports have it that the boys incited each other during the evening while having their supper. And claimed that since other schools had been on strike including their neighboring school Ituru boys, they would not be left behind.

Ituru Boys went on strike three days ago after destroying their face-me school bus, the principal’s office, and their classes.

Muhoho boys however summoned their school principal and informed him that instead of burning down the school they wanted to leave peacefully.

Also, they informed their Principal they wanted to go on a break. And they would text him when they would be back. ‘Well let you know when we want to resume.’

Funny as that sounds, I think the ministry of education needs to do something with immediate effect to turn the ongoing strikes among secondary schools.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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Jàmes Muchiri

I love that 😂😂🔥

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