Popular nuisance couple Weedzom ans Mylee Staicey seems to appreciate being the talk of the town.

The two have always been on and off their publicized toxic relationship. Recently, Mylee had taken to Instagram to make it clear that she was done and dusted with her little boyfriend.

Weezdom on the other hand took to Instagram to hurl all sorts of insults at Mylee. He mentioned that she was a cheap whore among other things. See article.

Weezdom went on to date one Carol Leehavi with whom they combined powers to attack Mylee who was busy building her political career.

Back together

Shortly after, the infamous singer was spotted taking a stroll with Mylee at her apartments. They seemed pretty cool you would not think that they were the same people who call each other names online.

Mylee and Weezdom

Recently the duo was again spotted spending quality time at a dingy local hangout base in Kimbo.
Weezdom is seen playing pool table while Mylee is seated at some slouchy worn-out benches supporting and cheering her man.

The young man was also reported to have been spending all his time at wines and spirits dens or at local bars drinking kegs.

Weezdom denies Mylee

In a recent question and answer segment that our local celebs turn to when they need to get something off their chest, Weezdom denied getting back to Mylee.

A concerned fan demanded to know who it was between Mylee and Carol. He blatantly denied both of them.

Another fan wanted him to confirm whether he lives in Kimbo as seen on BNN premium. He sarcastically confirmed that he used to live there a long time ago.

Weezdom also refuted claims that he used to physically assault Mylee. He voted that the rumors were being spread by people who did not want him to get a new girlfriend.
Walijulia wapi na hatujawai ishi nje lol… There’s a plan by some people to make every woman out here anichukia but sio rahisi juu madem wananipenda sana. Wanaonijua vizuri I’m not that kind of person vile inasemekana.

What do you think of this relatioship?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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