It has been drama after another for former Instagram couple Weezdom and Mylee Staicey. The estranged lovers announced their breakup separately about two weeks ago through their Instagram pages.

Weezdom had threatened to expose the girlfriend after she announced that she did not want to be associated with the young man.

Days after their publicized breakup, Weezdom introduced his new girlfriend Carol popularly known as manzi wa Trm.


Weezdom insults Mylee

Just when we thought that the two were moving on, Weezdom took to Instagram to hurl insults at his ex. He claimed that she is a whore. And would not stop his wife at night. See article.

Mylee responds

On Wednesday evening, Mylee revealed that she had reported Weezdom for cyberbullying and harassment. And also sought advice from other netizens in regards to the matter. See article.

Carol chips in

As a supportive girlfriend, Weezdom’s new bae has also taken sides and helped Weezdom bully Mylee.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the little-known lady claimed that Mylee calls Weez a hundred times per day. And when he doesn’t pick she calls her (Carol). She also said that Mylee is only pretending publicly while privately she’s begging Weezdom.

Carol went ahead to share a screenshot of a conversation between Mylee and Weez. Or rather messages Mylee sent to him. Stacey is seen ranting after Weezdom frustrated her.

You have frustrated and humiliated me the whole day while all I was doing was trying to make things right. She wrote amid tears. (maybe) Mylee added that she had to cancel the bookings she had made for two. Because she had wanted to spend her valentines day with the one she love. But unfortunately, he was too busy. Umenifanyia the worst things in this life, but ine simple mistake you turn into an enemy? Wondered Mylee.She went on and other long-ass messages which Weezdom blatantly ignored.

Carol has gone ahead to affirm the allegations laid out by Weezdom about Mylee cheating on him. Women should respect themselves! Said Carol. How can you date someone and during that time more than three close friends can describe the stretch marks on your ass? She went on

Carol added that the three friends claimed that Mylee is cheap. And that they all had sex with her when she was drunk. Uliachwa juu ya tabia yako, tell the world the truth!!

Carol had also previously disclosed that if women can not treat their men right, they will surely go to places where they are loved and respected. She had also revealed that Mylee used to call her seeking advice and she would advise him on how to do certain things. She said that Mylee would call Weezdom and insult him and she (Carol) would call her and offer unsolicited advice on how to handle her man.

Whose side are you on in this developing drama?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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10 months ago

😂😂😂No one’s side. Both ladies wanadeal with a very bitter man who’s personality has finally been disclosed. Periodtt😏!!

10 months ago

Weeeeh okay

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