Retired socialite Vera Sidika has decided that enough is enough with y’all haters.

So on Sunday Vera threw a lavish pink-themed baby shower which was attended by invites only.

On Monday rumors were rife that there was no food at the party. But Vera combated the rumor by sharing an old pic of food from Mialle‚Äôs Instagram page. However, fans were quick to recognize that the pic was old giving hints that there really wasn’t any food.

In response, Vera shared screenshots of her conversation with her food supplier including prices of food. She went ahead to call out her fans calling them broke bitter haters.

On Tuesday, another rumor sprout that Vera depended on donations from friends to pay for her baby shower. A screenshot seen by BNN showed a list of friends who had donated a total of 113 thousand Kenyan shillings.

In response, Vera went on a rant explaining the screenshot. Backing up her claims with evidence, the socialite disclosed that her friends had created a Whatsapp group to get her a baby shower gift. But she was only added way later.

In posts seen on her Instagram stories, Sidika categorically explained that some of the people who were in the WhatsApp group were uninvited guests since her friend Rispa did not inquire from her. And since they were uninvited to the party, they might have been the ones who said the the party was a Harambee. And even leaked the conversation.

The socialite went ahead to disclose that the entire decor, planning and food cost her roughly eight hundred thousand shillings. Since she is very expensive and loves an expensive lifestyle.

Well, she even included an invoice to prove that she paid for everything.

As if that was not enough, Vera revealed that she imported her baby’s crib from the UK. And it cost her three hundred thousand shillings.

The voluptuous woman concluded by insulting her fans calling them mosquitoes that do not want to see her prosper.

Y’all haters are just stinky rotten mosquitoes…I will deal with you, I’m not them celebs who sit and watch. Nitawapasha hadi you learn to mind your business. Y’all hoes are just so miserable it hurts. She wrote in part.

Vera also said that since her haters knew she was pregnant they have done nothing but try by all means to stress her. Because they want to give her blood pressure and cause a miscarriage. But that won’t happen since God’s got her.

Honestly speaking, Vera you are doing the most! Can you just chill and offer no explanation coz nobody needs them anyway?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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