Almost a week after Kevin Kang’ethe was arrested for the murder of Kenyan-born US-based nurse Margaret ‘Maggie” Mbitu, he managed to escape from Muthaiga police station. He was held in custody pending a judgment on extradition. Kang’ethe’s escape comes after he renounced his American citizenship, which had initially delayed the extradition process. If he had retained his American citizenship, he would have been extradited without the need for a hearing.

Margaret ‘Maggie’ Mbitu

Kevin Kang’ethe is the main suspect in the killing of Maggie Mbitu, who was reported missing and later found deceased in her car at Logan Airport in November 2023. After the incident, Kang’ethe fled to Kenya and went into hiding until his arrest two months later. On January 31, he appeared in Milimani Law Court, and he is scheduled for another court appearance on February 9

How did Kevin Kangethe Escape?

Kevin Adam Kinyanjui Kangethe at the Milimani law court in Nairobi, Kenya, on 31/1/2024, [AP Photo]

Around 4 pm on Wednesday, officers reported that a man identifying himself as John Maina Ndegwa approached them, claiming to be Kangethe’s attorney and expressing his intention to communicate with his client. The officers acceded to his request, taking the prisoner out of the cells and bringing him to an office, where they left him. After a short while, the prisoner escaped by running away and boarding a vehicle, leaving the alleged lawyer behind.

“The officers agreed to his request and removed the prisoner from the cells and took him to [an] office … leaving them there. After a short while the prisoner escaped by running away and left the [lawyer] behind,”

The police stated.

Officers and Alleged Lawyer Arrested

Kevin Kang’ethe

Four officers and the alleged lawyer wee arrested in connection to the escape of Kevin Kang’ethe from police custody. The police boss Adamson Bungei termed the incident as embarassing, especially after the US embassy commended the Kenyan police for the January arrest after Kang’ethe had gone into hiding.

“We have arrested the officers who were on duty when he escaped to explain how it happened. It is just embarrassing to us,”

He said.

By Vivian K.

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