The disappearance and death of Margaret Mbitu have rocked the close-knit Kenyan community in the United States. Kevin Kang’ethe is the suspect in the murder of 31-year old Whitman-based nurse. He apparently fled to Kenya after he committed the crime.

Maggie’s Disappearance

Margaret Mbitu, aka Maggie’s last sighting was on Monday, November 30 night. This is when she left her workplace in Halifax in her white Toyota Venza. Maggie’s family made a missing person’s report with the police the next evening. Maggie was a dedicated nurse, at BAMSI, a company specializing in group homes. She worked there for over a decade, providing care to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Her sudden disappearance raised alarm among her coworkers, who promptly launched a “missing” person campaign online, seeking any information that could lead to her whereabouts.

Maggie Mbitu

The police issued a “be on the lookout” alert for the car around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, eventually finding it parked inside the airport’s Central Parking garage overnight. The police discovered Margaret’s lifeless body inside the car. Allegedly, Maggie was stabbed and slashed to death.

“large slash wounds” on her face and neck area under her chin, as well as a puncture wound to her side,”

Stated part of the police report.

The Suspect

Kevin Kangethe

Evidence gathered throughout the murder investigation pointed to Kevin Kangethe as the prime suspect. The 40-year-old Kangethe, a Lowell resident and Margaret were in a relationship. Maggie’s mother, Rose Mbitu, revealed that her daughter had been trying to end her relationship with Kangethe.

The investigators believe that Kangethe hastily left the United States to evade justice. He took a 16-hour flight to Kenya right after the heinous act. Kevin R. Hayden, the district attorney for Suffolk County, made a strong appeal for Kang’ethe to surrender himself on Friday night.

“We urge this suspect to turn himself in to authorities before he or anyone else gets hurt. We are making every effort possible to apprehend him and to begin the process of seeking justice for Margaret Mbitu,”

Hayden stated


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