Upcoming wanabe flamboyant businessman popularly known as Madollar Mapesa has been exposed of being a con.

The 25-year-old has constantly captured the attention of many netizens. Because he is always flaunting bundles of fake money.

The young man is also always rubbing shoulders with Kenya’s top artists since he also identifies as an artist. I’m not sure what songs he has under his name. But he claims he’s a singer.


For the longest time now, the young man has managed to continually show bags full of money. Even though it’s not clear how he makes money.

He has been alleged to be part of a cult. Since no sooner does he get the money, posts it than it’s over. Some of his culprits who fell for his tricks have opened up on some of the weird things she asks for so as to ‘work’ with him such as camels and pigs. Evidently he’s in a cult.

Recently the young man has been on loggerheads with Kenya’s top blogger Edgar Obare. Edgar has only called out the young man who in turn results to throwing lame insults.


In the recent exposè, Dickens alias Madollar has been exposed for tricking a certain lady and scamming her about 100k.

So the last in question reached out to Madollar after he posted a duffel bag full of bundles of thousand bob note for ‘business’.

The money hungry lad asked the lady for 15k which would multiply to 1.3M. According to him, he mixes it with his money to become 400k then gives it to the cult who reproduce it to 10M. (uliskia wapi?) After that Madollar takes 80% and the client gets 20%. So the lady sent the money but she began being taken in rounds of excuses from the young man.

He kept asking for more money to buy a safe box, to pay the organization, and other shenanigans. Before the lady knew it she had sent a whooping of a hundred thousand Kenyan shillings. And as if that was not enough, the scammer went ahead to ask for another 100k. And that’s when the lady realized that she was being coned! See full story.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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