Looks like there is trouble in Mr. Seed’s house. Because his girlfriend Nimo has deleted all their pictures together from her Instagram page. And where there is smoke there is always some fire.

So gospel artist Mr. Seed and his girlfriend Nimo may have parted ways. But that would not be shocking because the artist had been involved in a scandal earlier this year.

A young lady who identified herself as Sabrina accused Mr. Seed of not only impregnating her but also denying his seed!

The lady through Edgar Obare, disclosed that the gospel artist had requested her to abort once she informed him of the pregnancy. But the pills backfired and so she kept the pregnancy.

Sabrina who recently gave birth also said that Nimo was aware of the pregnancy. But she respectfully asked Sabrina to stop bothering her and leave her in peace. See entire article here.

After the exposè, the little family went on a vacation to the coast as if to work things out. And it appeared like the relationship was going on well. But pictures do lie, you know.

So taking a quick look at Nimo’s Instagram page you can easily notice that she has deleted all of their pictures together. And if you are an online DCI you are aware that deleting pics signifies that there is trouble.

The pictures were deleted recently after Sabrina announced that she gave birth. Also, the two had a joint YouTube channel which has not seen any new video uploads for quite some time now. So put one plus one together and find out what that means.

Nimo and Seed have been together for about four years and even sired a son.

On the other hand, Mr. Seed too has pulled down most of their pictures together. And left about three of them which were posted last year. I smell a separation, do you?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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