Citizen TV news anchor Trevor Ombija is currently the talk of the town since he opened up on being dumped after a ten-year-old relationship.

Ombija recently left girls drooling over him after he shared shirtless pics of his lean and masculine body. And who would have thought he has abs behind those sulky suits?

Trevor must be what ladies refer to as tall, dark, and handsome. And many have been yearning to know about his relationship status.

In an interview seen on Mpasho, Trevor was questioned about his marital status. And he openly said that he is single.

The fine-looking man declared that he’s not only single but broken. Because he had been in a long term relationship and was dumped.

Right now I’m single. But used to be in a relationship and was badly heartbroken…

Trevor also made it clear that he is not looking for a partner at all. Since he is only focusing on healing, fixing himself, and acquiring the best version of him.

He also revealed that he actually had paid dowry for his ex-lover on 5th Dec 2015. I took dowry to her home in 2015, 5th Dec, then she left me,can you imagine!

This revelation has irked Kenyans on Twitter who religiously follow one Amerix who teaches men on masculinity matters. So in one of his classes the infamous teacher had advised men to pay dowry in installments. And looks like Ombija missed the memo.

Trevor however said that he is intentional about fixing himself. And he works out regularly at the gym for that cause.

What left others wondering was he disclosing that he is still friends with his heartbreaker. The funny thing is we are still friends, hii ground hataki makasiriko.

Different people had different opinions on the same with some saying that he should have completely cut the lady off.

Anyway, ladies, Trevor is completely unavailable for relationships till he finds himself. Watch the interview below:

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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