By Baba Mboga.

When Edgar told me to write this story I was like, Chokuu?…

Why though???

Why do we need to give this Chokuu dude the publicity

When it was apparently clear that this is all that he/she wants…

(insert relevant pronoun)

You know what?

I just might quote Huddah in this piece right here,

From an apparent househelp,

To 84k followers at the time of this post being written and a grammers life in Cologne, Germany.

Instagrammer chokuu miiiiight literally be biting off more than he can chew.

(I put the link to his Instagram incase you grammar nazis wanted to have a field day)

And just to spite Edgar for making me have to look this dude up…

and also give this story the flow it needs…

I’ll ask the same question he asked…

For those that get it I might put in a little cameo

why are you geh Edgar?

Kama ilikupita here’s the question…

“Edgar… Why are you geh?” Chokuu (2020)


Chokuu didn’t hold back on this one.

She went on social media to blast blogger Edgar Obare.




But get this…

She took it back,

But let’s deal with what happened first before we point any fingers here (which will most definitely happen in this situation.)

Which in a way was kinda counterproductive…

You know what? let’s assume that Edgar is gay.

Why would you call him out on it though like it was a bad thing?

I mean, build the community by repping the community… am I right?

But this modasoka…

I hoped that this would be like the people that you don’t write about…

You know…

Your typical Baby Shaq dodododo lol and another person that’s not new to this blog.

She is lucky I didn’t do her post lol…

I’m not mentioning names, just click the link to see her story.

I know this is a lot to process but lemme explain….

So on one hand we have Chokuu…

Building clout by insinuating Edgar Obare was gay…

and this other ungrateful woman over here.

How do you…

In your rational mind,

Go on this clout chaser’s live,

And call out the blogger that helped you expose the guy that leaked your nudes?


Lemme upload the damn receipts hata…

Asante ya foodah?

Sis… understand this,

You cannot be everyone’s friend on this app.

You’ll obviously backstab someone in the process.

Just look at Chokuu right now,

The common denominator in alot of beef going on in here…

I’m not the only one seeing this…

But if you’re really hellbent on it,

You do you…

Just be careful to see how Chokuu turns out before you make that move…


I’m not about bodyshaming but,

How on earth do you tell people that someone is leaking your nudes,

And go ahead to flex semi-nude…

In a live stream ina watu 60 samsing?

Popping titty for 65 views?

Kwani hujiheshimu nanii?

People even started siding with DnG over this shit right here

How does that make you feel?

Kenyans siding with your oppressor over this jacked up shit Totoray’s been on

And kuna rumours your dad popped in on your live while you was popping them tirries out…

Own goal pale…

Vitu zingine ni za kujiitia tu byzewei

Bloop! Dada popped up when them tatas was out huh?


Make these receipts make sense.

Running clout on a pity card won’t get you far,

Especially when you act like that…

Ama it’s a millenial thing mniite boomer sahii?

I am unable to can


Let’s get back to the person in question


Quick question…

Do you really think that we all have selective amnesia?

That we won’t talk about something you said simply because you act like you didn’t say it?

Sa tutalenga tu the fact that you said you’re just starting all this beef for clout?

Get all the receipts and livestreams here.

This is why I’m asking this…

Ok lol,

Here’s the thing…

So Chokuu here, went on her Instagram and posted the following:

(life pic)

And my guys… si feelings were caught on that live…

She went ahead and taunted Edgar.

Calling the brother gay…

Because he actually supports the LGBT community and doesn’t shame it like some of his own?

I have two things to say to that…

First of all,

Pot kettle situation much?

How do if you’re…

Ama wacha tu.


Since when has being gay being a bad thing?

You’d think that this dude being gay would help by being part of the solution.

People see gay as an insult simply because people use it as an insult.

Society dictates the rules society lives by,

And you, my friend, are part of society.

Change starts with you.

So instead of contributing to homophobia,

Use your platform to do something to make life better for the LGBTQ community.

Instead of using the gay card to get you clout…

You’re trying too much by the way…

…and it shows.

Nothing in my opinion will fuck your career up more than that.

You go ahead and ask Tanasha Donna why she doesn’t endorse you when you’re literally taking dozens of Ls for her.

Brotha getting used out here by her “fellow sisters.”

Heck, I’m not the only one with that opinion…

Listen to what Kenyans had to say…

Do any readers relate to this even in relationships?

When you try too much to impress someone you actually lose your dignity and end up causing more harm than good.

PR yako imelala nini?

I’ll give you this for free though I’m not a psychologist.

This here was probably the last nail on the coffin as far as the whole Tanasha thing is concerned.

Really sis?

Sa you posted all this just to say that you didn’t know Tanasha?

Girl we got receipts for that too….

Look out for this stream in Edgar Obare’s highlight.

There is alot mentioned up in here…

Chokuu You didn’t know Tanasha?

Was this before or after Tanasha Donna took down your video after Jalang’o told her to without batting an eyelid?

We know, we saw.

And here’s proof

And people even talked about it…

She’s not even giving you the time of day when you’re fighting battles and losing opportunities for her.

Take Rachel Mbuki for example…

A really composed ally of the LGBTQ community making it big and really supportive of the movement in Kenya.

And a really decent person who would probably grow your network more than you’d ever imagine.

But what do you?

Clout mbele opportunities left side?

Clout is supposed to create opportunities…

Alafu you were just going to brush it off like nothing happened?

Anyway, I think I just represented a shit ton of Kenyans with this here post.

Na si nimeenda…


Keep clownin sis…

“Nyuma ya tent”

Should I do more honest reviews?

What do you think I should write about?

Here’s my Instagram.


What was the tone of the writer in the above extract? Explain. (20mks)

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2 years ago

I did not know chokuu had a job.He is seeking for Asylum and gets money from the government. All his photos are taken in dressing rooms in clothes shops.look at the door with numbers behind his live video and the lights that are used only in Refugee houses.Only fools find him a threat.He is homeless

2 years ago

Interesting…. Baba Mboga umeipika story ikapikika????

2 years ago

Very entertaining writer

2 years ago

The moment you talk about that chokuu nonsense shiet of a ‘woman’ mnampea attention na ndio inampa kiburi.anatumia watu for clout. Msitambue!!!!

kazi safi baba mboga

2 years ago

???? ???? ???? But this baba mboga is dope

2 years ago

Honestly it was fun reading this????????????????like a movie ..the should continue please????

2 years ago

My guy Baba Mboga ????

2 years ago

Mimi i love this baba mboga ????????????????
You make me want to read this blogs all day.

2 years ago

This was an unnecessary article. Chokuu ain’t worth all these. Edgar needs to stop taking slights against him personally and writing about everyone who insults him. So is this an udaku blog or Edgar’s blog for hitting back against people who slight him.

2 years ago

Damn that’s more than 100
Percent, such a clean work

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