Well, honestly i did not expect the Ndichu twins saga to escalate so fast so soon.

You are already aware of the drama surrounding them? Maybe not. So the twins on Sunday evening were recorded engaging in a physical fight with one of them vandalizing a vehicle- the way kids vandalize their toy cars.

So one of the twins was Janet Mbugua’s husband. And it’s such a shame because Janet is always lobbying for the rights of women. And she has categorically stated that justice needs to prevail regardless of who the culprit is. See article.

So Obare fans who have had personal encounters with either of the twins have exclusively disclosed to him the nature of the guys.


One of the fans said that he/she had known the two guys from way back. And he/she can ascertain that they are psychos- you know crazy.

We are friends with the twins and caI n tell you these guys have been doing this for over a decade. It’s only that they have never been recorded.

Read the message in part

The narrator went on to add that the Ndichu’s abuse all types of drugs, are violent and womanizers. They are real psychos! The person added.


The person also be disclosed that Eddie once dated actress Sarah Hassan popularly known as Tanya. So according to the person, the two lived together in Upperhill. And apparently, Tanya would be beaten and humiliated despite her alluring looks. As a result, she even got depressed.

The twins are also alleged to have guns which they use to silence and intimidate their victims.

The other person obviously a lady said that she too know their behavior. Because she once had a fling with Paul Ndichu.

But she says that as soon as she learned that he was violent towards his baby mama who was pregnant at the time, she broke off the relationship.

As if one brother was not horrible enough, Eddie forced himself on her. The lady says that one day after he dropped her home, he forced himself on her. And even tried running after her as she went up the stairs. Scary, right?

work ethics

Well, the Ndichu’s have also been reported to have just as poor work ethics. Because they both habeen fired from their jobs since they have no skills. And apparently, no one wants to do business with them. They are worse than Nairobi chics! Said the sender.

However, netizens are still baffled by the fact that Janet Mbugua- Eddie’s alleged ex-wife- has never opened up about what she went through in her marriage.

Why do you think did she choose silence? And What are your thoughts on the exposè?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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