By Baba Mboga

Gai Terence Creative… Huchokangi?

Does this guy want to be the male Ferrous Sidika out here ama?

Scandal zako tu ni parte after parte after parte.

Anyhu, let’s just do the intro…

Cases of domestic abuse has been off the charts since the Rona struck…

Which in my opinion is kinda moving backwords because irriz 2020. we should already be past this caveman mentality…

Ama namna gani myfrens?

From Chris Brown, the late XXXTentacion, and even our own DNG (here’s the whole story), domestic abuse has been increasingly reported among celebrities in the recent past. Apparently you can’t take the cave out of the man…

Not without a shit ton of therapy…

…and yup, Terence Creative…

You’re gonna need aloooot of that…


Ebu lemme give you the facts before I go ahead to rant. This might be a two-part story…or not… I never know the ending to my stories btw.

Before I start…Terence Creative..

I’ll be honest, the whole Milly Chebby / Anita Soina situation is not something I’m willing to get into right now. Edgar Obare has an 8 part series on that pale Youtube and most of us know what happened. Wale hamjui what happened lemme link you up. I might also do a post about it… But it will be sorely based on my opinion on the whole piece.

Eneweiz chukueni link ya the the first bit of the whole charade,

Haya… now that we’ve filtered out most of the people that didn’t know about this, I’ll just get to it.

You can already see from my tone that I literally don’t condone what Terence Creative is all about… Mi btw I don’t care about the Soina thing. Sitaambia mtu where he sticks his weng and whatnot. Hio ni yako. But I kinda have this thing with wife-beating that really doesn’t stick with me. This story came out like a month ago (6 weeks to be exact) but I’ll cover it anyway…

Some of you can assume by my tone that I don’t like Otero,

Well… I mean he delivers in his field professionally and that’s what’s got him to the level that he is at now but for me…

….It’s just the things he does.


I’ll just salute him once for this…


You literally started this whole story…

May the tea be spilled…

So… Terence Creative went to social media and posted a picture of his current and ex-wife along with the caption:

“dear mothers to my kids, Mungu awabariki. thank you for being there for my kids, for loving them, as we continue parenting I wish you god’s grace and favor”

terrence creative posts picture on Instagram
Wherever you are Otero…Future is proud

Typical Instagram post, right?

To the naked eye, maybe…

But you know how kamati ya “hide my identity” can get right? Y’all have eyes everywhere. This was no exception. Haingepita hivi…

But alas…

Kumbe vitu kwa ground were different on the other end…

Sambarre Obaried this boss of mine called Edgar and showed him screenshots of what Terence’s first baby mama posted on her Facebook timeline.

Edgar obare fans are quick to act

In this screenshot she gives a whole different story…

…She talks about how she left Terence and how he was abusive. This modo even went ahead to give her a black eye that is even visible from the picture.

Njambi waneta opens up on abuse

BNN investigates Terence Creative

Edgar even went through and looked for Eunice Waneta, the ex-wife to Terence Creative to confirm the validity of the story and accusations she leveled again him. Something that raises even more eyebrows when you think about it… The conversation went a little something like this…

Edgar Obare investigates allegations against Terrence Creative
Edgar Obare investigates allegations against Terrence Creative
Edgar Obare investigates allegations against Terence Creative

Apparently, according to the screenshots, Eunice confirms that she blocked him and went on to live a better life and that they were no longer in communication.

She even claimed that Milly Chebet (the current wife) called her at one time and said Terence Creative was depressed and wanted to see the kids… Only to find out later that they were only needed for a shoot at Churchill show episode.

Eunice alleges that Terrence wanted to only use his children for a churchill recording
Eunice standing up for herself

I’m reading this story I’m just thinking to myself:

My guy,

Is PR that important to you?

Mnaeza ona niko emotional lakini let’s think about it…

Terence guy knocked this lady up 8 years ago and got two kids with her,

He beat her around and she couldn’t take any more of his BS sindio? So she left. Hio ingeishia tu hapo, right?

Wrong… Ninja just gets up one day on mother’s day and says,

“You know what? Lemme just post this and assume that that all will go well…

Might ask to see the kids so that I can build up a good rapport with everyone at work while I’m at it.”

Hapa tuambiane tu ukweli ulichoma

Kamati ya Obare nayo haingekuacha ivo tu.

Here’s some people with the same thoughts that I had.

Netizens visibly angry at Terrence decision to post his ex wife
Netizens visibly angry at Terrence decision to post his ex wife
Netizens visibly angry at Terence decision to post his ex wife

Terence admits to hitting his current wife

Another Tea picker DMed Edgar and shed light on an older video that was very uncomfortable to watch (at least in my opinion).

In this interview Terence Creative had on the trend with Amina Mohammed, he was talking about himself getting home high on weed and hitting Milly because “alimuinulia mdomo.”

Am I the only one who feels like it was messed up how he just laughs it off?

Obviously, makasiriko followed this dude like a damn plague…

mimi si mnajua tu screenshots nitawapea…

Otherwise kazi yangu hapa ni nini?

Kenyans react to terrence's interview on the trend
Kenyans react to terrence's interview on the trend
Kenyans react to terrence's interview on the trend
Kenyans react to Terence’s interview on the trend

There’s this specific DM that really stood out..Why do I have a feeling this was a pseudo lakini? Hii nayo haikai makasiriko ya fan wa kawaida.

A suspicious supporter of Terrence Creative
Milly boo…. Dat you?

Lakini si pia yeye akapashwa zake… Kando ya Mungu ogopa CRB na hasira za wakenya…

Supporter gets shut down.
Kenyans came firing all cylinders at this particular comment

Some tea picker even accused the owner of the comment to be Milly…

Edgar Obare follower jokingly points out that the suspicious comment is from Milly Chebet
At least we were in the same line of thought

With all that said, I believe that Terence Creative talked about using hard drugs and gambling addiction back in the day…

…and that he’s made considerable measures against these issues.

I also noticed there was a development of the story that happened 3 weeks ago. I’ll go through the screenshots and see if we could have a part 2 to this story.

My anonymity allows me to be 100% honest and let me say this…

I have reason to believe he’s setting himself to be a better man.

And I wish nothing but all him the best.

Parting shot

After Chela shot her shot pale Instagram, Obare said y’all should shoot your shots as the blessed gender. Mkianza msinisahau tafadhali… I will not flood your DMs wachameni…

Mimi si DNG

Zawa Zawa?

Here’s my Instagram.

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