Celebrated singer Steven Otieno popularly known as Stivo Simple Boy has shared details of his love life.

Love is a beautiful thing. And it has landed its splendid hands on one Stivo Simple Boy.

Stivo had recently raised eyebrows when he posted a picture with a very beautiful lady. But it turned out he was only getting ready to release his latest song.

The mihadarati hitmaker had also previously mentioned that thirsty ladies flock in his DMs showing interest. But he feels they are interested in his fame and not true love.

In an interview with Churchill, Stivo has disclosed that he is currently seeing a girl from Kibra.

The singer said that he bumped into his mystery girl on the road, approached her, and asked for her number.

I have found the right one. She is from around Kibra. I was just walking around when I met her. So I approached her and told her that I’m head over heels in love with her.

He also added that he met the girl’s brother since the parents live up country. So he told him that he is interested in her and he gave him a go head. As long as he doesn’t see other women.

Aliniambia ni sawa bora nisikue mbwa mwitu. Leo huyu kesho yule.

A smitten Stivo also added that wedding plans are underway as soon as the Corona situation goes down.

Stivo is still mourning the loss of his Instagram account.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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